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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heather and Chris Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Palms Country Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

It took eight years, but it was worth it! In fact, Heather was almost down for a visit to the courthouse; but her mom convinced her to have the wedding day festivities, and how beautiful and festive they were! Heather was absolutely gorgeous with her dark locks all coiffed with a vintage-style barrette and her lacy veil. It matched her vintage-style gown perfectly, and her lacy slip-ons helped her stay comfortable throughout the entire day. Chris - who is a daredevil dirt bike rider - had a beautiful orchid boutonniere that matched his shades perfectly; it was a fun flashback to our engagement session when I had to keep reminding him to take them off then, as well! The '20s, '30s vintage feel of the day was set perfectly by the architecture of the Tampa Palms Country Club, and the reception was decorated in shades of bold blue and purple with accents of silver. The antique-style candelabras Heather used as centerpieces for each table gave a feel of refined elegance, and the hand-painted wine glasses added a personalized touch from the bride and groom. Congratulations, Heather and Chris!

Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Demetrios
Hair/Make-Up ~ Michele Renee The Studio
Invitations ~ Invitation Galleria
Wedding Cake ~ Publix
 photo 91314HeatherChrisHK0000Collage.jpg

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