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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Robin and Ravi Featured in the Limelight | St. Paul's Catholic Church and The Mahaffey Theater | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Robin Link and Ravi Fernando met during their undergrad years at Notre Dame, and then reconnected in St. Petersburg, Florida. Ravi later proposed at their family lake house at Higgins Lake, Michigan. 

The couple enjoys walking their dog together, cooking, playing foosball and tennis. They love each other’s kindness, work ethic and sense of humor. They are a very caring couple - both are free spirits and enjoy traveling. Case in point - they planned the major flights for their honeymoon, but just winged it once they got there. 

They both just graduated - Ravi from law school and Robin for a masters in accounting. They will be moving to Charlotte, NC from South Bend, Indiana.  They chose to get married in Saint Petersburg because that is where they were both living when they met. Robin grew up in St. Pete and Ravi had taught there for three years. The wedding was held at the Mahaffey Theater, due to the strong family connection to the theater. The beautiful lapis blue with gold accent wedding had everything including their favorite details! 

It was important to Robin to signify the importance of family by using her mother’s veil and shoes as her something old and something borrowed. Another very special point is that Robin dressed in the convent next to the church - which is where she grew up attending school! And one of the most exciting parts of the day was when Ravi surprised Robin by jumping on stage and singing to her like a famous rock star! The entire crowd of guests went wild for the performance and Robin was so pleasantly surprised!

They hand made their favors, one for each of the 300 guests. The most important thing to them on their wedding day was to enjoy family and friends who traveled from around the world to celebrate alongside them, and as far as Sri Lanka to celebrate their wedding. It was important to them to incorporate Sri Lankan traditions such as the Rice Ceremony during the day and the Golden Rooster Lighting Ceremony. 

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 

Bridesmaids Dresses | BHLDN
Cake | Publix 
Caterer | Orange Blossom 
Event Planner | Confetti Events 
Invitations | Beach Drive Papery 
Make-up Artist | Eye for Color 
Reception Venue | Mahaffey Theater 
Wedding Gown | The Dressing Room 

 photo Collage0001_zpsfisu3nyl.jpg
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 photo Collage0043_zpsidblnzmg.jpg
 photo Collage0044_zpsrpwrc8gf.jpg

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Jacqueline and Kelly Featured in the Limelight | Surf and Sand Resort | Laguna Beach, CA Wedding Photography

Jacqueline and Kelly both love to be adventurous and active, so it was no surprise they met dancing at Laguna Beach. Kelly surprised Jacqueline Dec. 29th by proposing in the kitchen. He asked her to pick up dinner on her way home from work but when she came home, he was dressed up telling her “change of plans…we are going out to dinner,” then followed her to the kitchen with the groceries and a ring in his hand. With the couple falling in love and making constant memories at Laguna Beach, along with Kelly’s family living nearby, it was an easy decision to choose Laguna for the wedding location. Jacqueline and Kelly’s wedding consists of beautiful details such as a sand ceremony, flowers, the rings she gave her bridesmaids as a gift, and the guest book made by her bridesmaid Lisa. Their wedding is unique with Kelly’s sister being Jacqueline’s maid of honor and his brother as his best man. With such a close family bond, Jacqueline’s brother and mom also played the music at the ceremony to show her love and support. 

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
 Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 

Bridesmaid Dresses | Alfred Angelo 
Ceremony and Reception Location | Surf and Sand Resort 
Florist | Bridal Event Loung
Hair and Make-up | The Vanity Belle 
Invitations | Lisa Cermak 
Wedding Gown | Cicada Bridal 

 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0001_zpsjeu8so5a.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0002_zpsknj5k1so.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0003_zpsnjamqgaq.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0004_zpsnycjmjsh.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0005_zpswgqk3gn8.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0006_zpsaexrqim2.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0007_zpskudrfsbq.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0008_zpsolpiygzt.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0009_zpsvpe3l4nb.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0010_zpsgryizdn6.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0011_zpsl4w8bmtl.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0012_zps0gpf6oo1.jpg
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 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0021_zpsjfjhue1l.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0022_zps95en7mok.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0023_zpswzsemxie.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0024_zpsgjuqofje.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0025_zpstg6989hf.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0026_zpsxodyfphu.jpg
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 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0028_zpskfqnxghc.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0029_zpsb9gfm4ci.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0030_zpsjyugeg2p.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0031_zps9ezzehhx.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0032_zpscgg0lucf.jpg
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 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0035_zpsjibuaqgw.jpg
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 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0038_zpssoi2oeor.jpg
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 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0042_zpsu0l4jrzw.jpg
 photo jacquelinekelly_featured_0043_zpshzr1oov3.jpg

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