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Friday, September 19, 2014

Wedding Brochure Publication | Waldorf Astoria Orlando | Orlando, FL

We love to tell a love story with sophistication and elegance, capturing moments and details that are a reflection of the bride. One of our favorite canvases for these love stories takes place at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. It is an honor to be featured in their wedding brochure as a preferred photographer.

 photo WAO-Wedding-Brochure-Final-Web_16_zps1e9eaa17.jpg

 photo WAO-Wedding-Brochure-Final-Web_16b_zps2968ad3e.jpg

 photo WAO-Wedding-Brochure-Final-Web_16c_zps2f25450f.jpg

 photo WAO-Wedding-Brochure-Final-Web_16d_zps6fa401f4.jpg

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Melissa and Steven Featured in the Limelight | Casa Monica, St Augustine | St Augustine FL Wedding Photography

It was such a lovely and beautiful wedding in a romantic city and venue.   Melissa and Steven knew they wanted to get married at the Casa Monica when they first saw it together years before getting engaged.  The hotel was the perfect setting for their terrace ceremony overlooking the pool.
The reception room was so beautiful, the tables adorned with fresh flowers and candles, the amazing cake sat on a table that was lit from below.   
Every detail was so beautiful, I am so honored that I was able to capture their beautiful wedding day.
Congratulations to Melissa and Steven 
Thank you to my assistant and second shooter Stephanie and to our helper Dafne, we had such a lovely time traveling to St Augustine.

Here are some of the vendors that helped make the day perfect

Ceremony Site ~ Casa Monica
Event Planner ~ Sarah, The Big Event
Wedding Gown ~ Davids Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Videographer ~ Brent Nicholaysen

 photo 90514MelissaStevenCCcollage0000.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0006.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0010.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0023.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0048.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0093.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0134.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0164.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0179.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0184.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0201.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0294.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0307.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0336.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0357.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0371.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0420.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0433.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0455.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0517.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0524.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0535.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0543.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0551.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0565.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0568.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0570.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0576.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0599.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0603.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0609.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0632.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0634.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0644.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0656.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0773.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0807.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0850.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0938.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0941.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0951.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0954.jpg
 photo 90514MelissaStevenCC0957.jpg

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fine Art, Fashion & Photography: Three Magical Worlds Collide

The St Petersburg Musem of Fine Art invite me to participate in the second annual Fine Art, Fashion and Photography Showcase. I was thrilled to be invited to have this opportunity as an artist to select a piece of fine art from the Museum's permanent collection and use it as inspiration for my design and photograph.

I selected a painting by Jules Joseph Lefebvre - A Portrait of Julia Foster Ward. This art piece immediately spoke to my heart because the young lady pictured is reminiscent of a bride.

 photo 001_IMG_3873_zps0da7f2bf.jpg

These are the final two images I submitted for showcase.

 photo 002_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0109OLDWORLD_16x24_zps82285a2b.jpg
 photo 003_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0065_zpsebd58452.jpg

I collaborated with a very talented team of artists and professionals. Thank you!

Event Coordination ~ Confetti Events
Event Production ~ Let's Make It Extraordinary
Florist ~ FH Weddings
Hair & Makeup ~ Michele Renee Hair and Makeup Artist Group
Model ~ Heather Davis Brinckerhoff
Venue 1 (Getting Ready) ~ West Caribbean Cuban
Venue 2 (Photoshoot) ~ Circle B Bar Reserve
Videography ~ Randall Productions
Wedding Gown ~ Malindy Elene

These are additional images we created from this inspiration:

 photo 004_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0006_zps312f701a.jpg
 photo 013_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0060_zpseb127c13.jpg
 photo 011_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0046_zpsf3fb3af4.jpg
 photo 021_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0097_zps16da4c54.jpg
 photo 019_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0092_zpsb5269a85.jpg
 photo 020_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0085_zps191dc858.jpg
 photo 022_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0083_zps8cf0ca0f.jpg
 photo 018_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0084_zps567fe059.jpg
 photo 016_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0075_zps965fea1a.jpg
 photo 005_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0011_zpsb43da37a.jpg
 photo 015_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0068_zps92209456.jpg
 photo 014_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0073_zps28c51aa2.jpg
 photo 012_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0058_zps4286605f.jpg
 photo 010_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0047_zps0870d019.jpg
 photo 009_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0040_zpsfb26a211.jpg
 photo 008_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0032_zps03360d83.jpg
 photo 007_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0024_zps3f109e75.jpg
 photo 006_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0109_zps7d531abb.jpg
 photo 017_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0081_zps032deeb7.jpg