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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Allison and Chris Are Featured In The Limelight | St. Petersburg Yacht Club | St. Petersburg, FL Weddings

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful couple on their engagement session several months back. Chris and Allison were loads of fun and I loved their dry, sarcastic wit. They fed off each other so well with their humor, I was excited for their wedding knowing it would be a fun filled time. And it was! We walked into a busy room as the ladies were finishing up with hair and makeup. Laughter filled the air  as they spoke of the downtown city adventures they were witnessing from the hotel windows overlooking South Straub Park, the spot where Allison would later walk down the aisle.  Allison had such a fantastic sense of humor about her, it was a blast being around her and witnessing the two marry on such a beautiful January day. It was light-hearted and beautiful. The city of St. Petersburg laid down bleachers for a parade on Monday right behind where their ceremony was to be, a phone call was made and they were told no one could move these bleachers. Were tears shed over this set-back, did it ruin their day? ) Nope, not even slightly. The two shrugged it off. And Chris later asked if they could get a picture with the bleachers and 'can we make it look like we seriously wanted to use it as a prop?' Those who roll with the punches have a great sense of contentment in their lives, nothing is perfect so why not add joy and humor to this imperfect life and enjoy it for what it is?! Both Chris and Allison showed these traits as well as great love and respect for those close to them. It makes sense why they make such a great fit! Congratulations to this lovely couple! May God continue to bless you and you never loose that great sense of humor you have together as you move forward!

Getting Ready ~ Hampton Inn and Suites
Ceremony ~ South Straub Park
Event Planner ~ Shannon Nyander
Hair/Makeup ~ Rebecca Palmer
Invitations ~ Invitation Consultant
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJOstoryboard.jpg  photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0016.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0024.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0082.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0125.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0151.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0161.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0166.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0210.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0218.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0227.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0248.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0279.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0297.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0311.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0334.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0364.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0379.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0415-01.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0427.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0552.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0561.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0563.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0592.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0615.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0617.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0621.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0713.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0800.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO0916.jpg
 photo 11615AllisonSmithandChrisKrivonakJO1125.jpg

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lourdes and Johnathan Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Clearwater Beach | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Lourdes and Johnathan have deep ties as Noles. They met through mutual friends on the Tallahassee campus and knew something special was there. They love adventures and exploring new things and places, and on their fifth anniversary, they took a trip together to the Bahamas. There in the beautiful tropics, Johnathan proposed. They selected the Hyatt's rooftop terrace for their ceremony since it has that beachfront view - but without having to step foot on the sand. One of the most touching parts of their ceremony was that Johnathan's grandfather officiated the ceremony and gave the blessing at dinner, and then Lourdes and her father had the most lively and entertaining Latin dance for their father-daughter dance! Congratulations, Lourdes and Johnathan! May you both be blessed with many more years of adventure and laughter!

Photography by: Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer: Heather Kline | Associate Photography: Erica Csaltos
Venue and Caterer: Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Hair and Makeup: Jess Waldrop Makeup Artists

 photo 1.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0000Collage.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0024.jpg

 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0017.jpg

 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0033.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0135.jpg

 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0142.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0183.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0177.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0413.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0420.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0497.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0339.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0344.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0489.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0503.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0511.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0519.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0527.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0521.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0615.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0672.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0747.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0741.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0823.jpg
 photo 01.17.15LourdesJohnathanHK0828.jpg

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