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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Emily and Richard are Featured in the Limelight | The Reach - A Waldorf Astoria Resort | Key West FL | Key West Wedding

It was a beautiful day from start to finish with Emily and Richard. The two decided on a destination wedding full of all the fun, quirkiness and beauty Key West has to offer.  December weddings in the Keys are just lovely but even more so there was a full moon the night of their wedding! Congratulations to Emily and Richard!

Venue ~ The Reach
 Entertainment ~ DJ Buggy
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisStoryboardJO.jpg  photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0017.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0035.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0046.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0059.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0078.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0080.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0106.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0118.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0193.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0195.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0201.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0210.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0222.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0271.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0288.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0308.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0318.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0321.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0335.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0343.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0382.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0384.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0392.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0411.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0503.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0505.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0569.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0585.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0600.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0645.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0671.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0674.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0678.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0680.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0686.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0778.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0828.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0941.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO0970.jpg
 photo 12614EmilyPadgettandRichardEllisJO1132.jpg

Caryn & Greg Featured in The Limelight | Marco Beach Ocean Resort, Marco Island FL | Marco Island Wedding Photographer

It was sort of a magical day for Caryn and Greg's beautiful ceremony on the beach... First there was the birds... oh the birds... they were just sitting on the beach behind the ceremony the whole time, still as can be, almost as if they were listening to Caryn and Greg exchange their vows.  Then all at once, as soon as Caryn and Greg parted from their first kiss as husband and wife, the birds started to fly behind them.  It was pretty amazing and brought tears to my eyes later when I read a post by the bride saying that this was a sign from her father, that this is how she knew he was there with her on her most important day, how amazing is that?  And how fitting that the birds began to fly around again behind Caryn and her sister as we were doing their portraits.  

 photo 120514CarynGregCC0338.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0432.jpg

After the ceremony we  had a little rain (for good luck), which only caused us to get some fun Umbrella shots with the bride and groom and then left us with such an amazing sunset!  The water was like glass reflecting back the amazing colors in the sky, so soft and sweet you could almost feel the beauty of it all.  

Congratulations to Caryn and Greg, Thank You so much for choosing me to be a part of your amazing day!!

DJ ~ DJ Stretch
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Tulle and Chantilly
Venue & Caterer ~ Marco Beach Ocean Resort
Florist ~ Lee James Floral Designs
Hair Stylist ~ Samantha Calvert
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas
Make-up Artist ~ Amanda Mary
Wedding Gown ~ Davidls Bridal

 photo 120514CarynGregCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0006.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0031.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0091.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0107.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0128.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0136.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0156.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0165.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0169.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0172.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0182.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0194.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0200.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0207.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0236.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0259.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0269.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0281.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0307.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0336.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0346.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0337.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0357.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0440.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0469.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0484.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0490.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0508.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0511.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0518.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0520.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0531.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0543.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0556.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0559.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0564.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0592.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0614.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0659.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0685.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0748.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0773.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0775.jpg
 photo 120514CarynGregCC0782.jpg

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