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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kathy and Alan Featured in the Limelight | Lido Beach Resort | Lido Key, FL Wedding Photography

Every couple is unique, and each wedding has its own flair. Kathy and Alan - as both a couple and their wedding - really stood out. They came down from Chicago to the beautiful Florida beaches to have their wedding in just a few short hours with just their closest friends and family with them. It was a genuine celebration of their union, and it showed in their countenance throughout the months and days ahead, as they weren't worried about a single thing! When Alan went to pick up the glass he had selected for the traditional Jewish glass breaking, it slipped out of the shopkeeper's hand and broke! It was quickly replaced with another, but Alan wasn't worried a bit; and as he recounted the story to the Rabbi before the Ketubah signing was held, they were even able to discuss a way that could be a sign of good luck! Mazel tov, Kathy and Alan!

Venue and Caterer : Lido Beach Resort
Florist : Beneva Flowers

 photo 7714KathyAlanHKCollage0000.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0010.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0024.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0027.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0091.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0094.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0048.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0148.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0154.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0164.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0243.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0252.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0259.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0287.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0373.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0366.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0393.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0413.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0445.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0496.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0536.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0516.jpg

 photo 7714KathyAlanHK0538.jpg

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christy and Bob Featured in the Limelight | Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park and Ocean Key Resort and Spa | Key West, FL Wedding Photography

What a beautiful wedding day for Christy and Bob in gorgeous Key West, FL!  I has such a great time working with this sweet couple!  The newlyweds were married on the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park and celebrated on the Sunset Pier at the Ocean Key Resort and Spa on Duval Street!  The sun was shining and the couple celebrated their destination wedding surrounded by their friends and family that made the trip down from New Jersey!  It was so much fun to ride around Key West in an electric car with the bride and groom to take pictures at a few of the famous photo spots around town!  :). Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Bridesmaid's Dresses ~ Jon's Bridal by Suzanne 
Caterer ~ Ocean Key 
Ceremony Site ~ Fort Zachary Taylor 
Event Planner ~ Simply You 
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Marie-Pierre Studio 
Reception Venue ~ Ocean Key 
Videographer ~ Cineaverde
Transportation ~ Conch Train Tour 

 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0000collage_zps7dcca120.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0110_zps1a00e69e.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0037_zps2cf86224.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0060_zps1011df34.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0144_zps96d1c6a1.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0129_zps72d0f6fe.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0191_zps1706cbec.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0214_zpsbb4c4c9a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0189_zps819e1717.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0031_zpsd530e26b.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0113_zps10069a1e.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0133_zpsb9dda898.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0063_zps91fec92c.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0152_zpsaeb9ce3b.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0172_zps4ca23d7d.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0196_zpse6ee6d74.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0200_zpse6de0d32.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0208_zps8c21b69a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0185_zpsdd4c9a9c.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0217_zps3ed4f412.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0309_zps9d093114.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0242_zps71f624c5.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0250_zps4eae435d.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0267_zps0c8932f6.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0269_zps5ce52a7b.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0284_zps7589c526.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0277_zps3cedc24b.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0379_zps02353461.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0393_zps568674b7.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0420_zps7d24f903.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0442_zps97ae7aa3.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0450_zpsd5a447cf.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0513_zps3a7f6b1e.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0515_zps8cdd3873.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0522_zpsece9c452.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0525_zpsa072f911.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0529_zps28972e6a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0538_zpsa9e2f296.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0549_zps5b22eb32.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0300_zps40069571.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0302_zpsdead0d02.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0291_zps99794415.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0550_zps42762b7e.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0553_zps2bb73f4a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0554_zps0e501259.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0573_zpsbe830241.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0729_zps405df71a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0611_zpse1a6518a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0622_zps2b3447aa.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0699_zps16c1c92a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0703_zpse803fa99.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0707_zpsa122f74a.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0719_zpsaaec7cbc.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0721_zpsac2411b8.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0715_zpsfa8b31ea.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0854_zps68ccd12d.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0735_zps0f8a5fac.jpg
 photo 62614ChristyBobSM_0766_zpsbbb54fc7.jpg

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