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Monday, August 15, 2016

Perfect Wedding Guide Luncheon | Fleming's Steakhouse | Tampa, FL Event Photography

We had a wonderful time photographing the Perfect Wedding Guide luncheon and networking event at Fleming's Steakhouse in Tampa. The staff at the "Perfect Wedding Guide" presented terrific professional advice on how vendors can stand out at bridal shows. This was a great networking event for vendors to enjoy a delicious lunch provided by Fleming's Steakhouse and take home some excellent tips shared by the " Perfect Wedding Guide". We were honored to be able to photograph this fun and informative event! Thank you Perfect Wedding Guide and Fleming's Steakhouse for a wonderful time!

Photographers : Carlos Rello & Audrey Clifford 

Dessert Table | Piece of Cake Desserts
Catering | Fleming's Steakhouse  

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-4.jpg

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-21.jpg

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-40.jpg 

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-53.jpg

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-62.jpg 

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-86.jpg

  photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-100.jpg

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-111.jpg

 photo 8.10.16 Flemmings LR-117.jpg

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shabanese and Chris Step into the Limelight | International Diamond Center | Sand Key Park, FL Clearwater Engagements

They started out as great friends, they found over time that there was much more to this friendship. Shabanese and Chris grew together and found a love with depth. So much so that they could survive teaching and coaching at rival highschools!  Chris found Shabanese's beautiful engagement ring at the International Diamond Center with the help of Jake Peterson who referred us to the couple. I am so glad he did! These two were so personable and naturals. I just loved them and wish them the very best! Congratulations Shabanese and Chris!
Photographer | Jess Orthober
Engagement Ring | International Diamond Center
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00002.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00005.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00011.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00012.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00016.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00028.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00033.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00034.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00039.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00049.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00050.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00061.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00073.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00075.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00083.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00088.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00096.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00102.jpg 
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00108 copy_zpsoqod1lgi.jpg 
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00109.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00113.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00116.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00127.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00132.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00151.jpg
 photo 7.25.16ShabaneseandChrisEngagementJO00153.jpg

Monday, August 1, 2016

Emily and Theo Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach FL | Clearwater Beach Wedding Photography

Emily and Theo travelled all the way from Omaha, Nebraska to get married on a Florida beach.  When I arrived at the Sandpearl Resort the weather wasn't looking so great, with storms in the distance, it was threatening to force us into the "back up plan" which was destined to be a room within the hotel.  We said a few prayers, Emily threatened the FL sky and we all crossed our fingers and toes... low & behold after a brief rain the sky opened up and we were able to have the ceremony out on the beach.  Not only was the ceremony dry and beautiful, Emily and Theo were graced with one of the most AMAZING sunsets ever! Needless to say, we were all so HAPPY for our sweet bride and groom.  After our beautiful sunset pictures, there was a reception to follow... full of flowers, candles and beautiful back lighting.  Emily and Theo blew us away with their amazing dancing skills... I have to say it's the first time I have ever seen a bride being flipped upside down by her groom, wedding dress and all!
Congratulations Emily and Theo, I'm so happy you were blessed with the dream beach wedding that you wanted!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

DJ ~ Delite Entertainment
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Cake ~ Cakes Plus
Caterer ~ Sandpearl Resort
Ceremony and Reception site ~ Sandpearl Resort
Florist ~ Apple Blossoms 
Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist ~ Charmaine's Salon & Day Spa
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal

 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0019.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0039.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0094.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0108.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0135.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0142.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0151.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0162.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0168.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0186.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0192.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0207.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0229.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0250.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0264.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0277.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0316.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0346.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0399.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0446.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0457.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0464.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0466.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0468.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0504.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0588.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0598.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0601.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0603.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0607.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0613.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0614.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0617.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0622.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0624.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0633.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0642.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0649.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0656.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0661.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0668.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0669.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0671.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0681.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0874.jpg
 photo 7.24.16EmilyTheoCC0982.jpg

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