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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Audra and Ken Featured in the Limelight | Innisbrook | Palm Harbor, FL | Palm Harbor Wedding Photography

Audra and Ken had a beautiful wedding day at the Innisbrook Golf and Country Club.  Friends and family joined these two in a lovely ceremony by a most delightful tree on the 11th tee. Afterwards, guests made their way to one of the property's ballrooms where they had a rocking reception with tunes provided by Doug with Grant Hemond! It was a delight to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Band/DJ ~ Doug with Grant Hemond
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Caterer ~ Innisbrook
Ceremony ~ Innisbrook
Event Planner ~ Rick Galipault
Hair Stylist ~ Salon R
Reception ~ Innisbrook
Wedding Gown ~ Athena's Bridal 
 photo 5.16.15AudraKenStory.jpg
 photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0014.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0231.jpg photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0138.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0207.jpg photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0146.jpg    photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0219.jpg   photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0327.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0334.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0377.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0402.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0403.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0438.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0468.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0491.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0543.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0547.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0553.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0562.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0566.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0567.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0572.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0577.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0581.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0589.jpg  photo 5.16.15AudraKenAF0593.jpg 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sara and Cody Step into the Limelight | Sand Key Park, Clearwater Beach, FL

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Photographer | Rebecca + Michael Zoumberos 

 photo blog0001_zpsc73a6knn.jpg
 photo blog0002_zpsc2ywczcm.jpg
 photo blog0003_zpsyitw4vrf.jpg
 photo blog0004_zpshfqepuxv.jpg
 photo blog0005_zpsisedkgrq.jpg
 photo blog0006_zpsfaalzkmk.jpg
 photo blog0007_zps5eqt5fth.jpg
 photo blog0008_zps3e0uwxsm.jpg
 photo blog0009_zpso9ncjtba.jpg
 photo blog0010_zpsnow9iwuz.jpg
 photo blog0011_zpsgspbr6ip.jpg
 photo blog0012_zpsximtxfxk.jpg
 photo blog0013_zpsjzfqkvol.jpg
 photo blog0014_zpswv9ikzqa.jpg
 photo blog0015_zpsiylhotup.jpg
 photo blog0016_zpsd965kaiq.jpg
 photo blog0017_zpswehv029q.jpg
 photo blog0018_zps02mxxynw.jpg
 photo blog0019_zps5kwukcse.jpg
 photo blog0020_zpsytodrnrj.jpg
 photo blog0021_zpshsxg4uec.jpg
 photo blog0022_zpsww9jujfv.jpg
 photo blog0023_zpsrwktshoj.jpg
 photo blog0024_zpslczxjab2.jpg
 photo blog0025_zpsfnkwiqzj.jpg
 photo blog0026_zpsapmxjmvi.jpg
 photo blog0027_zpsuq16msno.jpg
 photo blog0028_zpsdyjues0n.jpg

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