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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mary and Justin Step Into the Limelight | University of South Florida Tampa Campus | Tampa FL Engagement Photographer

I met Mary and Justin at USF, where they both attended school, for our engagement session.  The light that evening was amazing, so warm and glowing.  It was so much fun getting to know this sweet couple, and capturing their love for each other.  I am so excited for their May 2015 wedding at Tampa Palms Country club... I cannot wait to capture this special day!!

 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0010.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0012.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0014.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0016.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0017.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0019.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0031.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0034.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0036.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0043.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0046.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0051.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0056.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0057.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0063.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0069.jpg
 photo DSC_5080.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0072.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0074.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0078.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0081.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0085.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0086.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0088.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0091.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0098.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0103-1.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0107.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0112.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0119.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0125.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0127.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0135.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0137.jpg
 photo 101714MaryJustinCC52314_0145.jpg

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kelly and Sam are Featured in the Limelight | Don Cesar | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding

So many wonderful things to be said about Kelly and Sam! To start they were so accommodating and sweet. They met through mutual friends and went out for the first time in St. Augustine in 2009 on St. Patrick's Day, three years later he popped the question (the day after because he knew Kelly would expect that day!) Both were so kind, with such a sentimental and humorous nature. I could see how these two worked so well right away during our session alone. AND I loved how they incorporated the sweet Miss Henley (their lovely dog) in their big day. Loved this couple and I hope the very best for these two. We had SO MUCH FUN along with Ben from Grant Hemond & Associates as everyone came together in song and dance! We didn't want to leave! Congratulations to this sweet couple! I wish you all the best in your journey together!

Wedding Ceremony ~ Don Cesar
Wedding Gown ~ Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ JCrew
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJOstoryboard.jpg  photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0020.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0037.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0085.jpg
I LOVE Miss Henley, such a sweet dog!
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0098.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0126.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0154.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0159.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0185.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0198.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0199.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0210.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0060.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0066.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0286-01.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0307.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0325.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0347.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0398.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0416.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0497.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0512.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0520.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0536.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0550.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0557-01.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0561.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0566.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0569.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0665.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0676.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0683.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0932.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0943.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0955.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0961.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO0969.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO1060.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO1080.jpg
 photo 101914KellyandSamBridgemanJO1084.jpg