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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Limelight Photography Awarded Two Bright Lights Editor's Choice 2015

We are unbelievable excited and honored to achieve Two Bright Lights Editor's Choice Award! This award celebrates Two Bright Lights' members whose talents are continually recognized by top print magazine, blog and ezine editors. This means we have been featured more than 50 times in 2014! We are also in the Platinum Circle, which is an exclusive circle comprised of the top ten award winners.

One of our top goals after the newlyweds gets her photos is to get their wedding published, so they can show it off to their friends and family. This award means so much to our entire team and we are incredible humbled!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christine and Kevin are Featured Into The Limelight | Vinoy Park | St. Petersburg FL Engagement Photography

Dedication and work with purpose. It is a very primal part of human life that makes ANYTHING that you want work. Add love, fun and dance into the mix and what becomes something that works tails into something unique, it becomes something beautiful. These two defined that to a T! I met Christine and Kevin at the Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg FL, on Valentine's Day. It is one thing to agree to a session on Valentine's Day, but the both actually TRAVELLED just for one session. Overlooking the bay and downtown of St. Petersburg we met, Christine driving from North Carolina and Kevin coming from North Florida. Tired would be the first word that came to mind, cold the other as it was a very cold (but gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky) day as well.  You would think they would be exhausted and not willing to give up their jackets (yes, jackets. It wasn't THAT cold, mid Florida only gets down to what Northern folk consider mild:)) but these two were ready to go. Their determination and love for one another pressed forward as they danced away! I had so much fun with them and was extremely impressed with their dance moves as they went about their session.  Work and determination made that happen, along with laughter and love. A lesson we should all learn. Christine and Kevin will be married in May, congrats to these two! May they dance along together in life with the same determination and respect (along with growth) as they had this day! Here are a few of my favorites from our engagement session.

 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00002.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00006.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00008.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00018.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00021.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00030.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00036.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00052.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00057.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00059.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00075.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00089.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00092.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00097.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00098.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00105.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00145-1.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00156.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00170.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00177.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00184.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00203.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00210.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00212.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00215.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00248.jpg
 photo 2142015ChristineDillinghamandKevinCronin53015JO00261.jpg

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jamie and Mark Featured in the Limelight | Loews Don CeSar Beach Resort | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Jamie and Mark were married at the Loews Don CeSar Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, FL in a beautiful ceremony in the courtyard and an elegant reception on the North Terrace!  They chose the Don CeSar as they love the beach and actually live right down the street from the venue so it was a natural choice for their celebration!  The newlyweds chose to get married on a Sunday because it is their favorite day of the week where they typically spend time paddle boarding, hanging around the pool and having cookouts with their family!  You can also find them playing at the dog park with their adorable schnauzer Ceasar who had a big job of acting as one of the couple's ring bearers on their wedding day!  He even had his own little tux and posed so perfectly for the camera!   I loved working with this amazing couple for their engagement session and wedding day!  Their ceremony and reception was decorated in beautiful tones of gold and white with accents of starfish and marine animals.  Mark is a firefighter for the Largo fire department so there were also a few personal touches to honor that!  My favorites were a silhouette bride and groom cake topper with a fire hat for the groom, a groom's cake in the shape of a fire truck and that the newlyweds used a decorative axe that is adorned with a heart shaped cut-out to cut their cake!  This was the perfect compliment to a photograph of the couples wedding rings!  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Henderson!

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald 
Assistant Photographer | Erica Csatlos

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Don CeSar
Event Planner | Confetti Events 
Hair and Make-up | Destiny and Light 
Floral and Decor | 2Birds Events 
Cake | Cakes by Nomeda 
Wedding Gown | Demetrios 

 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0000collage_zpsvsbyssjr.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0545_zpsho3n06bt.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0006_zpsoukmnswh.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0014_zpsqa1yulnz.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0027_zpsbb7xweo2.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0051_zps1b4ja4fa.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0060_zpsfptwmdsl.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0064_zpscyexl9tp.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0074_zpspfkhniuf.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0092_zps5iqfwxpq.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0105_zpsjuufh06o.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0140_zpsqsrjdicj.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0150_zpsoccxnovw.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0158_zps0eywat87.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0063_zps3nsd3pod.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0068_zpsmruaz4ef.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0049_zpszyaprpd6.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0081_zpsgldd51in.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0001_zpsnutgvjrt.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0241_zps3dbnxcdk.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0245_zpsr1ygllnk.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0248_zpsbxy9uifk.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0283_zpswyiibii9.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0314_zpsstostxcg.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0327_zpsdzfobkvc.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0331_zpsduc8ypy5.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0347_zps5jgryvaa.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0397_zpsmlnco7jc.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0398_zpsvhaayiwp.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0402_zpsretq657f.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0404_zpsvooscxzr.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0416_zpsnsr21shk.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0418_zps5n8oybyv.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0422_zps4csjqxen.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0428_zpsp5qz0cdo.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0411_zpsdikbzlab.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0412_zpsfnwazr2e.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0769_zpshguj2mgb.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0547_zpsfeu37l6p.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0541_zpstmqxjfzv.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0554_zpssqjvnim1.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0703_zps6rsknxpb.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0777_zpssl9u7opc.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0776_zps3inizfb2.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0787_zpslea70hog.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0795_zpspymho0lr.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0800_zpsgxvbmwmd.jpg
 photo 2.1.15JamieMarkSM_0433_zps6dupvl4e.jpg

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