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Monday, April 21, 2014

Alexis and Chase Step Into the Limelight | Lettuce Lake Park | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Despite the adage, Alexis and Chase found their love in the workplace. And just as they threw caution to the wind and that saying out the window, these two are a couple who absolutely love to have fun in the most carefree ways. Every little thing made them laugh during our session together on this gorgeous afternoon, and we had an absolute blast. The afternoon sun peeking through the trees at Lettuce Lake park was a warm kiss for these lovebirds as they finished their session with me. I am so excited to be with them on their wedding day later this year in October!

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0010.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0026.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0014.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0016.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0038.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0044.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0032.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0040-1.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0070.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0062.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0074.jpg

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Lori and Christopher Featured in the Limelight | Ocean Key Resort and Spa | Key West Wedding Photography

The two met at work in Connecticut. What started out as acquaintances at work over time became friendship and as they became closer a relationship struck. What a beautiful way to start your lives together as husband and wife by having an intimate destination wedding in the beautiful Key West. It was a gorgeous day as they said their vows and quite humorous as a party boat streamed along in the middle of the ceremony. What I loved the most about that is everyone got a big kick out of that! The ceremony proceeded on and ended beautifully. The celebration was filled with fun, excitement, laughter, wonderful food and a gorgeous sunset as the toasts were given. Congratulations to this wonderful couple, it was such a pleasure being a part of this wedding in such a neat spot that is Key West! Cheers!

Ceremony and Reception ~ Ocean Key Resort and Spa
Wedding Coordinator ~ Erica Fuhrman, Simply You Weddings 

 photo 41314LoriChristopherMarottaJO.jpg  photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0015.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0022.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0052.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0116.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0082.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0029.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0173.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0139.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0145.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0152.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0180.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0272.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0301.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0337.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0373.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0396.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0416.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0421.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0467.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0503.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0512.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0522.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0554.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0608.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0659.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0632.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0684.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0726.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0742.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0745.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0747.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0754.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0760.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0674.jpg

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jennifer and Jeff Featured in the Limelight | Private Residence, St. Petersburg FL | St. Petersburg Fl Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Jeff have such a sweet story... having been separated years ago, they came back together and were remarried at their beautiful home in St Petersburg, FL with their two daughters on either side of them to witness their parents union.  They had a lovely backyard ceremony with many close friends and family... followed by a beautiful reception where guests mingled and enjoyed several different types of cuisine in different rooms of the house.  We had a blast with the couple and Jeff's beautiful, antique 1958 Chevy Impala.  
Congratulations to the wonderful couple and their daughters.

We cannot forget to thank the other vendors that helped make this a memorable day:

Event Planner ~ Ashley Packett
Florist ~ Two Birds Event
Hair Stylist ~ Euphoria Salon Day Spa
Lights ~ Tampa Lights
Caterer ~ Mise En Place

 photo 40514JenniferJeffCC0000collage_zpscdbbcac9.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0002_zps89f07a53.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0012_zpsfb97cba7.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0042_zpsca2af169.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0058_zps382ac98d.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0071_zpsdd978145.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0086_zps566cae4f.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0102_zps99ba374a.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0117_zps28583a15.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0126_zps5a90aa8e.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0128_zps149073ba.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0142_zpsd8d027fd.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0243_zpseedbaf82.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0249_zps6184179c.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0272_zps6fbb0657.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0283_zpsdbf176d2.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0294_zpse08d97e0.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0343_zpsc7a4d76f.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0350_zpsec679233.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0381_zps4cd6e92f.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0382_zpsd03b3b57.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0457_zps99601ed1.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0471_zps3aac0b49.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0473_zpse9755483.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0475_zps2f14533f.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0484_zps739d065a.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0487_zps96bb2352.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0497_zpse289201f.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0499_zps0f63f4eb.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0516_zps45ba75f6.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0522_zpsfb5ba707.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0538_zps1856d58e.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0584_zps5230a056.jpg
 photo 50414JenniferJeffCC0586_zps23f34c3f.jpg