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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jessica and Matthew Featured in the Limelight | Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast | Palmetto, FL Wedding Photography

Could these two be any more romantic?! Matthew is an engineer, and at the end of every day, he has an alarm set to remind him to think of 3 things he's grateful or appreciative for; makes sense when you have a high-stress job. Well, he started noticing a pattern after a while when Jessica made the list consistently since their meeting and subsequent dating in 2007. And he knew that it was time to do something about it. So he took her on a whirlwind of a European vacation visiting the Ukraine, Turkey, and finally Italy. Which is where he proposed on an Italian beach just outside of Rome. They selected the bed and breakfast for its cozy and scenic details, which allowed every one of their world-traveling guests a chance to enjoy as they celebrated with a more relaxed party-like atmosphere, as opposed to a stressful ceremonial event - even down to Jessica buying ballroom dance shoes instead of traditional dress heels! And celebrate they all did! It was a lovely, cool afternoon and evening for Jessica and Matthew to tie the knot, and we wish you all the best in your new life together!

Catering ~ Dazzle Catering
Florist ~ Oneco Florist
Hair Stylist ~ Katy Levine
Invitations ~ Minted
Make-up Artist ~ Destiny and Light
Wedding Gown ~ Demetrios

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0001.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0019.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0010.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0016.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0024.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0048.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0036.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0511.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0122.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0123.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0168.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0240.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0252.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0435.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0455.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0463.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0476.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0490.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0275.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0259.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0519.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0618.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0507.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0508.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0543.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0798.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0806.jpg

 photo 111514JessicaMatthewHK0782.jpg

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Brigid and James Step into the Limelight | Engagement Photography | Crystal Beach, FL Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting with Brigid and James for their engagement session in a spot that was sentimental to them both as they live down the street of Crystal Beach but even more so as Brigid grew up visiting her grandparents on vacation...I won't give her sentiments any justice if I put them in my own words so I am just going to take exerts from an email sent of certain spots that were particularly special to her and her family...

'My grandparents used to stay in Crystal Beach as snowbirds from Maine, my mother, every year, used to bring me and my sister to Crystal Beach for spring break.  My mother loved taking pictures at Crystal Beach and to this day, those photos are throughout my parents house in Pennsylvania.  My mother remembers what I was wearing in each photo, what tree was behind me, and which perennial I was next to.  For this reason, I would love for you to capture this passion for our engagement photos.'

... For that I love this couple already! When we first started, immediately we were all chatting away, laughing and having a great time. To the point that a piece of me forgot we were photographing their engagement. I am very excited for their February wedding!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0001.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0002.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0003.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0004.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0005.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0006.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0007.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0008.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0009.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0010.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0011.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0012.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0013.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0014.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0015.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0016.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0017.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0018.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0019.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0020.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0021.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0022.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0023.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0024.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0025.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0026.jpg
 photo 111214BrigidGribbinandJamesGashEngagement22115JO0027.jpg