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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ivana and Steven Featured in the Limelight | The Tampa Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Ivana and Steven were married in an elegant ceremony and reception at The Tampa Club in downtown Tampa!  They couple said "I DO!" on the 42nd floor at the top of the Bank of America Plaza is this beautiful private club that hosts a magnificent view of downtown.  Ivana chose to get ready at her home on Davis Island.  The couple's apartment is located in the historical Palace of Florence building which was beautifully designed in a Mediterranean style over 100 years ago!  It was the perfect setting for bridal portraits!  I love photographing getting ready pictures in a client's home as it's so much more personal, even Ivana's kitten wanted to join in on the fun!  Steven chose to get ready at The Embassy Suites in downtown Tampa, which has several of it's own unique architectural features.  The whole wedding day was decorated with beautiful tones of pink and gold and there were so many gorgeous details!  After the ceremony we ventured to the University of Tampa for a bride and groom session which gave us a lovely view of the couple's wedding venue.   This couple was a joy to work!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Caterer ~ The Tampa Club 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ The Tampa Club 
Officiant ~ Sensational Ceremonies 
Florist ~ La Vie En Rose 
Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Lili's Weddings
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique 

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0000collage_zpsf9ecee4b.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0001_zps8c53d50a.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0012_zpsa3c8d83c.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0029_zps8964d3ca.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0085_zps69709abf.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0040_zps8cb4eda9.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0170_zpse80f968f.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0048_zps04add22e.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0074_zpsbcd3ecb9.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0177_zps4ca94474.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0062_zps0d93b31b.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0076_zpsa4d40bbe.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0087_zpsb362e527.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0098_zps3c2ced6c.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0190_zpsb1d0b9bc.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0192_zps793f808e.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0194_zps5f0ddda7.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0209_zps9c983ffb.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0494_zps3f2ff054.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0261_zpsaa1ea1f2.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0287_zps0c67cc81.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0352_zpsa837b65d.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0355_zpsdc7c1d19.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0374_zps3c6919ee.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0503_zps40b3765a.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0539_zps62e74315.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0566_zps53c9b68c.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0559_zps1bb073a1.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0546_zps39bc9d4d.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0522_zps5674dc0a.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0513_zps455dcf5c.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0595_zps463862c1.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0587_zps9d534b53.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0603_zps23a0a531.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0589_zpsbc44a7d1.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0585_zps3c052695.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0688_zps57dbf547.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0638_zpsded401d9.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0699_zps05ac1996.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0774_zps76c3e5d2.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0782_zps670622f8.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0771_zpsbd5aa837.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0786_zpscc1b3f24.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0793_zps0e8160a6.jpg

 photo 42113IvanaStephenSM0797_zps6f5b0737.jpg

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