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Thursday, May 7, 2015

National Association for Catering and Events Meeting | St. Petersburg Yacht Club | St. Petersburg, FL

NACE is the oldest and largest professional society that addresses all aspects of the event and catering industry. Limelight Photography had the pleasure of capturing the April meeting hosted by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club; one of the oldest yacht clubs in the United States, making it rich with history and tradition. The April NACE meeting covered "How to be a great Vendor Partner!" The meeting began with a cocktail hour filled with event professionals, followed by dinner and a presentation. Our very own Rebecca Zoumberos was on the panel this month as well!

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 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0001_zpsrxmrlruj.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0002_zpsslydqa2l.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0003_zps28fscuhb.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0006_zpszwek6i2b.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0008_zpspol4hsh8.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0012_zpsvlcnttv0.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0016_zpswoqosxwf.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0019_zpssetilvlm.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0026_zpsftlhvml8.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0027_zpslsf1bffc.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0030_zpsurn4gyi1.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0033_zpsl80jh0st.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0035_zpsfroy4e0r.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0037_zpskedjrndg.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0041_zps3ovsqqut.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0056_zpsschdjjhy.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0061_zpscearx3b2.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0064_zpshax6ciix.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0066_zpscniztyhm.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0069_zpsfm6j5xt1.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0072_zps9wospbtv.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0076_zps5jaftlrv.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0082_zpsqry3nems.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0084_zpsr2dfzq63.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0086_zpspcqc5htz.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0090_zps8py8az45.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0095_zpsby9xxa01.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0102_zpsa03qvw0s.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0103_zpsus6or1uk.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0104_zps2w28rcko.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0106_zpsnem8fieg.jpg
 photo 4.21.15NACE_AF0112_zpsfb5fil7l.jpg

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