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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Friday Night on the Town us photographers idea of a night on the town is probably different than yours! Michael keeps telling me I am nerd:) On Friday night Christi, Ela, one of our second shooters Bernadette and me headed to downtown Tampa for a photo shoot.

We started at the beautiful Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk to capture some work to display for the fabulous Alexis at her property. This shot is captured in the ballroom that is on facing the river. It has fabulous floor to ceiling windows and the natural light was shining through in full beauty! The light was shining through a plant and created this fantastic pattern on our model and the wall.

This portrait was created with video light. I love the white blocks on this wall and it looks like a futuristic city in the sky above. There was just enough light left to capture the brilliant blue in the sky.

This sculpture is just down the road and we walked from the Sheraton. The water below created this fantastic reflection that is captured.

For the last shot I am going to show you we had to lay down on the median!!! Here are the other girls in action! I promise no models/photographers were hurt in this exercise!

I was able to capture the motion of the bride's veil and the cars rushing by with shutter speed down at 1/13 s. The buildings I kept clear and focused by resting my camera on the ground while I took the shot to eliminate an unsteady hand from shaking the camera while hand-holding.


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Really stunning images here - and I love how you give descriptions of how you got the shot!

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Amanda - thanks for visiting us:) I will try to keep putting descriptions of how we get different shots.