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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mike Is In the House

Since the girls are all blog happy I thought that I would come join the party. Just an FYI I am the only male in the studio (yikes).  The only way I keep my sanity is by the athletes that I train. 

Before moving over to the photography industry with my wife I trained professional soccer, football, tennis, golf, and hockey players at Saddlebrook Golf and Tennis Resort. I was there for eight years and loved it. After traveling the world many times over with my players I knew that it wasn't what I wanted to do all of my life. My family is the most important element in my life, and without them nothing matters. When Rebecca received instant success with Limelight and I had many job opportunities throughout  the world I knew our marriage would not work with children and us both traveling in separate directions. 

So here I am nine months into this interesting  project and I love it so far! The deal between the two of us when we started was that when my players were in town I would still be able to train them. I had about 25 players but have had to cut down to just a handful since we are all so busy here at Limelight. So my postings will be a little off the topic of photography but this will be an outlet for me each week and I will keep you updated with all my players. 

Running with the big dogs....Fast Willy Parker (Pittsburgh Steelers), Yo Murphy (Tampa Bay Bucs), Dederick Roper (Philadelphia Easgles) and me the photographer - yes I am the white guy in last place!

The Three Amigos: running back Willy Parker along with Detric Roper linebacker for the Eagles and me

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Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Michael - you are so cute! I am so excited to have you with the Limelight Team!!! I look forward to your sports posts!