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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Game Day!

I found this image while syncing my iPhone today. I love this image because it says so much! When Michael and I are gearing up for a wedding we always get excited and say Game Day! to each other. We even have a secret handshake that goes along with it;) I took this picture of us just with my iPhone. Michael was dropping me off to cover a rehearsal dinner (I cover these on my own) and he was on his way to watch a World Series baseball game. I love how Michael incorporates his background in professional sports into our photography. He pumps me up and gets me excited every time before a shoot! So I think he is holding up his #1 sign for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays but I like to think maybe he is holding it up for me too!




Christi Curtis said...

Rebecca and Michael- you two are so cute, I love how you work as a team. It must be so Great. And don't forget I have witnessed "Game Day", Last year in the Bahamas, Michael went and worked out and then was all pumped up to do the wedding.

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

It is great most of the time ha ha;) No seriously, I am blessed and appreciate that we get to work together. And yes Bahamas were a BLAST! I am jealous I am not going next time!