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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank You from Staci and Bill

Staci is our bride that is now starting her own wedding planning business. You may remember that an image from her wedding is being published in The Knot Best of 2009. Staci saw our post and wrote me an e-mail:

Rebecca: OMG!!! That's Crazy!!! I'm so excited!! When does that article come out? I am going to buy every magazine in town!!! How grandfather would be so happy!!! He'll be published in a national magazine!! ;) How many pics did you submit??

I know I informed you (with the praise of my engagement pictures) that I was entering the event design & planning field after my own wedding. And, my website is in the works right now. My company is called Unique by Design. Of course, Limelight's photography will be ALL over the website. And, I'm sure to always put, "Photo by Limelight Photography" under it! It's a mess right now, I've been working on it every night for a few days. I hope to have it completed by next week. There will also be a section of preferred vendors and, without an ounce of hesitation, I wil be listing "Limelight." I know it must seem like small potatoes compared to the UNBELIEVABLE business that you created! But I truly do mentor you and what you have done! Limelight has become one of the premiere photography vendors in Tampa and I was proud to have ya'll photograph my wedding and I am proud to feature your photography on my website and in my portfolio!

I know you are ridiculously busy, but if ever you have a moment to meet or even talk on the phone, I would love to pick your brain and learn everything you did about creating your business! I would truly value and appreciate any advise you could offer me! I hope to one day, be even a portion as successful as you are!



After her wedding she also sent us this very sweet thank you card.


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