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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Real Wedding: Lani + Wes at Bimini Bay Resort and Marina, Bimini, Bahamas

Lani and Wes share a beautiful love for each other and the special island of Bimini. I am so honored that I was able to capture this amazing wedding and get to know two such wonderful people. Before the ceremony, Lani and Wes shared a private moment together and we had the opportunity to create a few portraits that really captured the emotion of seeing each other for the very first moment on their wedding day I have been waiting a long time to post this one because of it being considered for publication.

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0002_zpsqrcrjbzl.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0132_zpstvc0qs8u.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0172_zpsxkbqhrnt.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0184_zpsbhlzs1ra.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0202_zpszqjxpyv9.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0206_zpscywtr0wi.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0209_zpshir7orhd.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0214_zpsv3xdxlfn.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0219_zpsxuvkjr6t.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0232_zpslkzgjoc3.jpg

The intimate ceremony was held on a cliff overlooking the pristine blue ocean. The waves softly crashed in the background a Lani and Wes's family gathered around to witness the exchange of vows. Lani's brother Justin walked her down the aisle and gave her away.

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0391_zpsmkavts9h.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0412_zpseu8ft3pe.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0519_zpskmigcpey.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0522_zpsqki1y15h.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0546_zpsu4lqquhz.jpg

The reception was held at the Bimini Bay Resort and Marina Infinity Pool. One large dinner table was created to maintain the feeling of intimacy and family bond. The linens were turquoise blue the color of the ocean and the flowers were orange mokara orchids and yellow dendrobium orchids that really popped with vibrant color and reflected the setting sun. The cake was also topped with yellow and orange flowers and set on a turquoise payette linen from Nuage Designs. The reception ended with each guest lighting a wish lantern and letting it float away into the night sky.

 photo four_squared_gridNEW_zpsgpauehm3.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0551_zpsl9uhibtu.jpg

 photo 11.28.09LaniWesRZ_0997_zpstnocafnc.jpg

The celebration continued on the beach outside of Sherry's Bar complete with a bonfire, s'mores and a local drumming band.

 photo 11.28.09bLaniWes0031_zpszuk2drck.jpg

 photo 11.28.09bLaniWes0040_zpsy8gjbexz.jpg

 photo 11.28.09bLaniWes0044_zpsvdqjth5i.jpg

The day we left the island we woke up at 5am to capture portraits of Lani and Wes in the true island setting of Bimini in the first morning light. We ended the excursion with trashing the dress in the crystal-blue waters inside of an ancient ship that is halfway sank and rusting away.

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0003_zpsfmbrsdik.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0005_zpsl10rsxjd.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0014_zpsjv567sjw.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0018_zpsuvf3fqdc.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0025_zps4utspcew.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0027_zpsuqzhoasb.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0032_zps6uiojkzl.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0042_zpslo3ebq4i.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0045_zpsuouxfxbt.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0049_zpsyzuyhadg.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0054_zpscgqx09h6.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0063_zpsv5fzgvpe.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0065_zpsikpfosqj.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0072_zps3xze9pxq.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0081_zps3geev6gb.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0090_zpsndupn0cc.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0106_zpstmxowg1r.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0109_zpsdoscybbz.jpg

 photo 11.30.09LaniWes0114_zpsxsetzhwm.jpg


Christi Curtis said...

WOW, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wedding!! ALL the shots are amazing...., But I absolutely love the shipwreck, what an amazing spot!! beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christi:) ~ Rebecca

Krysti Lee said...

i DEFINITELY got chills....more than once! AMAZING! the two of them and Rebecca and Michael's talent makes it the most beautiful memories! FAB! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it...ALL!

Krysti Lee said...

i DEFINITELY got chills....more than once! AMAZING! the two of them and Rebecca and Michael's talent makes it the most beautiful memories! FAB! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it...ALL!

Jaclyn Melendez said...

Rebecca and Michael, I'm truly in awe looking at these shots. Your photographs are not just pictures, but true pieces of artwork. Not only are you two amazing people, but you're both extremely talented. As for Lani and Wes you two look Amazing!!!

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Thank you Krysti and Jaclyn! You two ladies are amazing. It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know both of you. You are both such wonderful friends to Lani and you were great bridesmaids!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, these shots are amazing. The ones near the shipwreck look like they're out of a dream. The colors are awesome. I love following your blog!! -Jenn Lamar