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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Real Wedding: Jennifer + Andrew at The Bayou Club

Andrew and Jennifer both went to Seminole High School; however, they didn't know each other all during the time they were there. Andrew was a senior, and Jennifer was a freshman. Andrew ran track and cross-country; Jennifer played softball, volleyball and basketball. They also went to the same church, although they were never in the same Sunday School class because of their ages. It took Jennifer going up to Florida State and then back to Seminole for spring break for them to meet each other one day at the bowling alley.

Jennifer and Andrew met at Seminole Lanes Bowling Alley during Spring Break 2006 through each of their best friends, Jess and George. George had invited Andrew and Matt to go bowling, and Jess had invited Jennifer. Upon arriving, Jennifer noticed Matt was wearing a Florida State hat, and being an avid fan, proclaimed that she attended school there. Andrew in turn stated that he also went to Florida State. They discovered a few days later that their homes in Seminole were less than half a mile from each other. After bowling, Andrew invited Jennifer to play pool and after a few more dates and two weeks later, they were officially a couple.

Andrew took Jennifer on a surprise trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Tennessee the week after spring semester ended in 2009. The day of May 6th, Andrew suggested they go on the back balcony of the chalet to look at the mountains, and then popped the question. Afterwards, a rainbow appeared just as they were calling friends and family to announce the good news!

 photo four_squared_grid.psdNEW_zpsr65yenp7.jpg

Jennifer and Andrew were married at Oakhurst United Methodist Church and followed with a celebration at the Bayou Club. The other fabulous vendors that contributed to the wedding's success include:

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0598_zps7ilruszn.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0604_zps5djy4hiw.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0682_zpskdzvg2qf.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0599_zpshtmwudc9.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0623_zpscvjpgixe.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0683_zpsnqwmfidc.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0711_zps4vxlt4im.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0693_zpsm6xyldla.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0758_zpshzts4mhg.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0872_zpsyszajqmt.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1041_zpsfvtoaixi.jpg photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0905_zpsqxym9wf4.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1028_zpsxqdr7hb1.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1040_zps2efj2d7w.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1044_zpsextor1oe.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1051_zpssy43q88y.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1060_zpswdxj4ssh.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1064_zpsakrjtmkd.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1074_zpsqelgwqm9.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1078_zps76blvxta.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1069_zpsluuarwcg.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_1086_zps7q42yut2.jpg

 photo 8.7.10_JenniferAndrew_RZ_0688_zps7phunpt3.jpg

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Sarah McDonald said...

Great wedding Rebecca! LOVE the shot with Jennifer twirling her dress! Gorgeous!