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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheryl and Jason Featured in the Limelight | Marriott at the Tampa Airport | Tampa Wedding Photography

This wedding was a spectacular event thanks to these vendors we were able to work with:

Venue | Marriott Tampa Airport | Mary Vestil
Caterer | Hao Wah |
Jerk Hut Catering Services |
Cake | It's Icing on the Cake |
DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates | Jody Blower |
Florist |
Makeup & Hair Artist |  Ivy Lam |

 photo 10.08.11cheryljasoncollage3_zpsbj4uitrw.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0011_zpsu3l18bsj.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0017_zpsglgyklak.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0164_zpsuowmqrw9.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0170_zpsyyfdgub6.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0176_zpsxm62bdk9.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0310_zpsu2ph6oqq.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0327_zps8ztypcck.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0329_zpsqmvf6ezz.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0370_zpsqyzhj9fq.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0413_zpshigancb6.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0415_zpsvwzbolvd.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0566_zpsrhrr5ojb.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0572_zpszjw1w6oe.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0573_zps5nto6ffc.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0577_zpsawr636ct.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0578_zps8avajhys.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0585_zpsv2un4b03.jpg

 photo 10.6.11CherylJasonRZ0971_zpsva3vrvk6.jpg


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London said...

Love the dress, everything! Beautiful wedding, congrats again!!

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looking so beautiful...