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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Theresa and Emory Featured in the Limelight | The Lost Tree Club | North Palm Beach Wedding Photography

The story of Theresa and Emory has several voices but all versions end in the same big city, at the same random bar, where fate bet its hand on two special people. These two hit it off with a group of friends on a rainy New York City night on the East side at a little place known as Black and White.

Theresa and Emory's fate may have begun in New York City but their incredible love shined bright as they celebrated their marriage with a destinantion wedding at The Lost Tree Club in North Palm Beach. This amazing wedding had a beautiful backdrop of the ocean, one beautiful couple, a custom corn hole game, and a bride who performed to a live band at her own reception.

If you were to ask Theresa why they love each other so much, she would say "Because he's my perfect compliment and vice versa". Kind of like the place it all began, Black and White.

 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR storyboard_zpshiyb2dxx.jpg

 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR0150_zpswbcrmjcd.jpg

 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR0071_zpsmjifvmfg.jpg

 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR0034_zpstt3sit5q.jpg

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 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR0579_zps0nrv0vnv.jpg

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 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR0613_zpsecc6sk8g.jpg

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 photo 10111TheresaEmoryCR0771_zps6h80gfkl.jpg

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Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Beautiful work Cody!

thecavetodd said...

Cody! These pictures bring me back to our unforgettable day in a heartbeat. Emory and I had THE BEST day of our lives and you captured every bit of the emotion and excitement we experienced. I can't wait to see the rest! Thank you so much for being so amazing. I felt like we clicked from our first phone call and hope to get to work with you again some time! You fit into the day seamlessly and made us feel so special, as the day truly was. We feel so blessed and could not have asked for a better day, all around. Thank you for being there to share it with us!

PS. You left one important part out of our story- We met in a bar in NYC, yes, but we were supposed to be set up on a blind date which never ended up happening because we met on our own the week before. Now that's something special! xoxoxo

[ STAPLES ] said...

Hi Cody. My wife and I made the cornhole sets for Teresa & Emory. We are currently working on a website and were wondering if you you had any pictures for Theresa & Emory's wedding that we could use.

Jeremy & Angie