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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is an email we received from a Limelight Photography bride.

Subject: Hindsight

Good afternoon. I wanted to write you guys to say thank you again for everything you did for our wedding.

I was recently was in a wedding and the only appropriate way that I can describe my friend's photographer was a MESS. Unorganized, not creative, and not prepared are also adjectives I would use to describe her.  The photographer did not have any ideas for pictures and I ended up going through my rolodex in my head and the few pics I have of me and my husband's wedding on my phone for some ideas to make my friend's wedding album somewhat decent.  I in no way copied Ann's creativity or showed her what she had done for mine, but after awhile the same old stand and smile got incredibly boring.

My friend was recently married at a beautiful venue in Florida. Unfortunately, it POURED and because her wedding was supposed to be outside everything got changed at the last minute.  The rain had stopped by the time the wedding was over so we were able to take pictures outside.  Although the sunset was pretty, the photographer had the GENIOUS idea to have us girls jump in our high heels in sopping wet $100 shoes went three inches into the mud...and were ruined.  And then she had the nerve to ask us to jump two more times. Bye bye shoes.  Immediately after that her camera broke and she made the bride stand in the dirty and wet water while she attempted to fix his ONLY camera that he had on him. That is backup camera.  After awhile the bride was so upset with the entire situation and her dress was soaked and covered in dirt and we had to tell the photographer that the bride wasn't happy and didn't want pictures in the grass anymore.  Needless to say it was a complete disaster and I am worried that her pictures are going to turn out terrible.

After witnessing this I truly realized how lucky I was to have your company photograph our wedding.  Hindsight is everything, and although I knew from the instant I saw my pictures that I had picked the right photographers, it wasn't until this weekend, 8 months after our wedding, that I realized what a smart choice we had really made.

I am a lawyer and was waiting for a hearing to start this morning when another lawyer was talking about her upcoming wedding in Key West next January.  My first question was "who is your photographer???" She said she still didn't have one and although she had done research, she still had not found one she liked.  I briefly told her about this past weekend and then recommended your company.  She wrote down your information and thanked me.  Keeping my fingers crossed for her that she contacts you for information.

Anyways, a humongous THANK YOU for everything you did.  You guys truly are a wonderful company and I realize now more than ever how fortunate we were to have you guys photograph our wedding.

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