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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shelly and Glenn Step Into the Limelight | Curtis Hixon Park | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

This jet-setting couple has traveled the world together, and are now embarking on their newest adventure! Glenn proposed to Shelly one afternoon at a park while on a picnic together, so what better way to spend the afternoon celebrating their engagement than at the beautiful downtown Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Tampa, FL. We stayed on into the evening, and are looking forward to their upcoming nuptials in October at the beautiful Isla Del Sol!

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0029.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0008.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0011.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0010.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0014.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0028.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0030.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0021.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0046.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0047.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0038.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0036.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0052.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0054.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0064.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0055.jpg

 photo 21213ShellyandGlenn102613HK0066.jpg

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Shelly Piper said...

Heather, you are AMAZING! We absolutley love our photos! Thank you so much!

Heather Kline said...

Thanks so much, Shelly! You and Glenn are such a fun couple! I can't wait to be with you both to capture your wedding day!!