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Friday, March 8, 2013

Melissa and Phillip Featured in the Limelight | Mahogany Bay | Key Largo, FL Wedding Photography

Melissa and Phillip were married in an elegant and private wedding ceremony at Mahogany Bay, a private home in Key Largo, FL!  

We were fortunate to work with Yvette Price Events for this beautiful wedding day.  Yvette provided us a lovely description of Melissa and Phillip's wedding day.  "The couple wanted their wedding to be relaxed and comfortable yet very special!  The gorgeous venue loaned a very picturesque backdrop so a lot of extra details were not needed.  The bride's style was very romantic with several vintage elements as well.  The music was a little bit country and a little bit island. "  

Yvette also shared with us a bit about herself and her company.  "My passion and strength for life, love and family inspire me to craft personal affairs.  Enthusiasm is the foundation of my event planning!  My style is fresh, simple, informed and diverse. My knowledge and expertise helps my clients discover what provokes their senses and brings them to life.  Every couple I meet brings forth endless opportunities for me to enchance my passion of design, style and romance.  What makes your heart sing?  For me? It's you, the client!  You make my heart sing in delight each and every day! " 

DJ ~ BCS Sounds Productions ~ Robert 
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Bary Jay ~ Tulip 
Ceremony Site ~ Mahogany Bay 
Event Planner ~ Yvette Price Events  
Event Decor / Lighting ~ Linens and More 
Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Get Gorgeous by Kelly
Reception Bay ~ Mahogany Bay 
Wedding Gown ~ Maggie Sottero ~  Embrace 
a photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0000collage_zpsd7c5abe0.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0304_zps2c4dfd8d.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0016_zps7832988e.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0019_zps9a122c25.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0027_zpsc5c1ea66.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0096_zps8c38628d.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0041_zps16b0df8b.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0138_zps7e2a902e.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0103_zpsf413c814.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0047_zpsf3bed86e.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0057_zps4a1b8c5c.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0134_zps56cc7d94.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0156_zps2f44ba8f.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0161_zpsf2582e1a.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0183_zps4eebe68a.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0175_zps5372386e.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0179_zps0da8a472.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0189_zpsdd509c39.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0205_zps79ab4cc5.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0200_zpsccf061f8.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0217_zps023fce7a.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0208_zps5dd405fe.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0299_zps64ea6929.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0221_zps21d48166.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0331_zpsbaa9acbf.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0324_zpscdc600b8.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0348_zps33d80d39.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0368_zpsbbf7d15a.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0293_zps08ba5dc2.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0466_zpsa279939a.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0472_zps6a95903d.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0491_zps078a511e.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0478_zps23ecf14a.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0480_zps6aaa9c06.jpg
 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0496_zps1a56a214.jpg
    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0523_zps48b7a64a.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0534_zps653852fe.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0505_zps00f33d0c.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0528_zpsddf88668.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0546_zps6db8e86c.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0553_zps7fe3b2cf.jpg

    photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0586_zps04f62653.jpg

 photo 22213MelissaPhillip_RZ_0541_zps2d8c967d.jpg


YRP Events said...

Gorgeous!!!! Thank you to this sweet couple that made this wedding a lovely affair. Rebecca and Michael...your photographs inspire me everyday. Thank you for sharing your talents and love of God with me everyday. xoxoxo

rose dell said...

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