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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Melissa's Surprise Bridal Shower | Private Residence, Tampa, FL | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

What was supposed to be just a day out on the town with her best friend actually ended up being a bridal shower hosted by her future mother-in-law! Melissa was surprised to find herself surrounded by friends, family, and her bridesmaids at a lovely private residence in Lutz on what couldn't have been a more beautiful day in February. Lovingly decorated with the colors Melissa plans to use in her wedding, and served the most delicious home-made croissant Waldorf chicken sandwiches and curried chicken sandwiches along with refreshing Mimosas, this was a delightful gathering for everyone to celebrate the upcoming wedding! Congratulations, Melissa!

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0001.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0007.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0008.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0006.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0014.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0020.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0017.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0040.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0106.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0077.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0072.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0078.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0065.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0079.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0102.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0083.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0107.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0119.jpg

 photo 22313ZoumberosBridalShowerHK0120.jpg

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