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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elizabeth and Feronel Featured in the Limelight | Countryside Country Club | Clearwater, FL | Clearwater Wedding Photography

Elizabeth and Eugene had a beautiful wedding day at the Countryside Country Club in Clearwater, FL. Friends and family joined these two in saying their "I do's" in a poetic and musical ceremony. This beautiful day sparkled with fun, love, laughter, and beautiful tunes. This sweet couple loves to sing together, and they have a band that they are both a part of. Congrats to this harmonious couple!

Band/dj ~ Grant Hemond
Ceremony Site ~ Countryside Country Club
Florist ~ Carrollwood Florist
Hair Stylist ~ Florence Charite
Reception Venue ~ Countryside Country Club
Videographer ~ Voila Cinematic
Wedding Gown ~ La Sposa

 photo ElizabethFeronalStory.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0097.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0110.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0231.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0289.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0320.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0623.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0627.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0337.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0727.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0757.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0665.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0493.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0671.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0787.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0187.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0207.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0243.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0350.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0362.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0365.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0373.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0380.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0388.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0408.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0411.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0422.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0434.jpg  photo 41213ElizabethFeronelAF0868.jpg
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