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Monday, May 20, 2013

Carrie and Chris Featured in the Limelight | Academy of the Holy Names and Museum of Fine Arts | Tampa and St Pete Photographer

Carrie and Chris were married in a beautiful chapel located in the Academy of Holy Names.  Their ceremony was followed by an amazing reception at The Museum of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, where we were able to take pictures in the gallery and around the museum which has amazing architecture.
I am so honored that I was able to capture their wedding day, they are truly a lovely couple and so caring for one another.  It was so sweet how Chris looked at Carrie, you can see their love for one another.  Congratulations to you both, I am so happy that I was able to be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

Redman Steele

Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding Gown

 photo 50413CarrieChrisCCCollage.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0042.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0045.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0088.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0097.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0111.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0244.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0281.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0375.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0414.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0457.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0460.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0465.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0481.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0494.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0527.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0531.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0535.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0571.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0573.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0578.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0580.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0583.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0738.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0881.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0884.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0888.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0898.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0901.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0904.jpg
 photo 50413CarrieChris_CC0909.jpg

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