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Friday, May 24, 2013

Natalie and Vishal Featured in the Limelight | Ca' d'Zan Mansion | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

Natalie and Vishal were married in a gorgeous and colorful fusion wedding ceremony at the Ca d'Zan Mansion at the Ringling Museum property in Sarasota, FL.  This couple is absolutely beautiful inside and out and were a true pleasure to work with.   I loved capturing the traditional elements of an Indian Hindu ceremony as well as the contemporary moments that the bride and groom chose to include.  The groom's baraat entrance into the wedding ceremony was pure joy as Vishal and his family entered into the ceremony accompanied by a drummer.  Traditionally the bride would be waiting at the top of the aisle for her groom, but in this fusion wedding Natalie had her own beautiful entrance.  She chose to wear a traditional red wedding Lengha and have her hands and feet decorated with henna, but also decided to carry a beautiful bouquet of white orchids and roses.  To add a modern element, the couple chose to see each other before the wedding for a first look in the courtyard of the Ringling Museum.  It was a lovely moment as these two embraced for the first time on their wedding day.  The Ca d'Zan Mansion was the perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception and even through the weather had it's own plan, the couple enjoyed a simply elegant and beautiful wedding day!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Ca d'Zan Mansion 
Hotel Accomodations ~ Hyatt Regency Sarasota 
Wedding Coordinator ~ Event Design 
Henna ~ Henna Creations 
Officiant ~ Vishnu Sharma 
Rentals and Decor ~ Event Design and Treviso 
Ceremony Musician ~ Mitul Ghandi 
Caterer ~ Tandoor 
DJ ~ DJ Neikko w/ Cirque USA 
Florist ~ Dana Dineen 
Bridal Hair ~ HuB Studios ~ Assunta Swier
Bridal Party Hair ~ Jonna Pepe
Bridal Make-up ~ Eri Vincent 
Photobooth ~ K2 Photobooth
Transportation ~ Crown Limo 
Videographer ~ HuB Studios

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0000collage_zps057ce626.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0328_zps57152311.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0908_zps0f74fa69.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0066_zps6cd49066.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0016_zps4a449e91.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0242_zpsee69e2ee.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0246_zps7790a510.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0060_zps2f791a93.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0285_zpscaffd67f.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0089_zps9ad9a27e.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0300_zps5b36bb54.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0096_zps1fda4d4e.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0211_zpse33f66a9.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0223_zpsad66940f.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0247_zps1d3a45bd.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0256_zps354b9b4f.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0130_zps656b362b.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0141_zps7fb6dbf4.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0123_zpsa3a70c13.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0162_zpsae0cd575.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0157_zpsac8973dc.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0168_zpsb788cf48.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0171_zpsc74f606c.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0183_zpsb6afbb1b.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0186_zps80dbb0b7.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0194_zps6f3c884a.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0203_zps9be34fe7.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0205_zps3a426d43.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0406_zps2047a13d.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0460_zps5cb4a4f0.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0371_zpsdd5c8bf9.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0496_zps5f9cd4a2.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0494_zps3b32dfde.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0487_zps1bad928b.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0569_zpsc270386f.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0513_zpsd1b679c4.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0512_zpsb4496ae7.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0525_zpsf6eb3feb.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0535_zps19a5ec24.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0632_zps5f1459d8.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0722_zpsf25f396f.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0669_zpsd8723313.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0750_zps87762b2f.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0810_zpsaa9a61bc.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0815_zps4ecbc036.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0813_zps3fe72529.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0828_zps6b5ddabe.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0831_zps30fc7e5c.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0830_zpsc8949a85.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0950_zps43b5d4f7.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0911_zps7b8d2abd.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0848_zps90b49cce.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0956_zps4f8eff4a.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0989_zpscb28d2f5.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0997_zps476c5218.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM1005_zps93ff6284.jpg

 photo 5413NatalieVishalSM0968_zpsa86a8747.jpg

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