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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Samantha and Victor Featured in the Limelight | Marco Ocean Beach Resort | Marco Island, FL Wedding Photography

Samantha and Victor were a joy to work with on their amazing wedding day at Marco Ocean Beach Resort!  This couple is happiest when they are at the beach so saying "I Do!" in the sand was an easy choice.  In their 20's they both lived at the beach and Samantha worked many summers on Marco Island.  For their beautiful destination wedding the couple and their closest friends and family traveled down from Virginia to celebrate on Florida's gulf coast.  When they are not at the beach the couple enjoys spending time enjoying the outdoors and activities such as kayaking, golfing, baking, boating, and traveling.  When asked why they love each other Samantha said that they know what each other is thinking before they say it, they make each other laugh, and they always have fun!  

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

DJ ~ MB Entertainment 
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ The Dessy Group 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Marco Ocean Beach Resort ~ Corrin Clark
Florist ~ Floral Encores 
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~Rick's Island Salon ~ Miranda
Invitations ~ Hanson Ellis 
Wedding Gown ~ Nicole Miller 

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0000collage_zps4ebe9d89.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0005_zpse6d09c51.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0035_zpsd6f0059f.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0052_zps3e992a14.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0644_zps2e3bd89b.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0051_zps9f0ab80b.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0070_zps0da62400.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0083_zps3bbae406.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0066_zps6f84c201.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0055_zps3efa77ef.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0098_zpseca8de5d.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0104_zps570d8c02.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0107_zpsb56937d0.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0118_zps04cbcfe3.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0123_zps234d2cf9.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0254_zpsaa88184a.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0247_zpsc12949e4.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0363_zps68e58290.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0323_zps7074a3e3.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0379_zps213fec74.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0447_zpsf9bab280.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0458_zpscb1e962c.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0499_zpsec67ffc2.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0508_zps7b877616.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0515_zps2b6a5c96.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0522_zps2e9152cd.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0529_zps86381617.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0543_zps0e9bc754.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0550_zpsf310b4af.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0641_zpsbaf1f48f.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0648_zps878ebd03.jpg

 photo 41313SamanthaVictorSM0565_zpsf3eb2ae3.jpg

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