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Friday, May 10, 2013

Tiffany and Joe Featured in the Limelight | Private Estate | Odessa, FL Wedding Photography

          These sophisticates found love in the workplace, and after 10 wonderful years together, Joe surprised Tiffany with a dessert proposal at Ocean Prime in downtown Tampa! They were joined on their wedding day not only by friends and family, but but also by their beloved dogs - even at the altar, Tiffany's sweet Shay was present to witness her parents' nuptials! A simple yet sophisticated color palette allowed Tiffany and Joe's love to take center stage at their beautiful home as they marked the beginning of their new life together. Congratulations, Tiffany and Joe!

Bridesmaids' Dresses: David's Bridal
Cake and Cupcakes: Publix Bakery
Caterer: Puff n' Stuff
Hair Stylist: Leda at Monaco Salon
Videographer: VH Video
Wedding Gown: Jon's Bridal
Tuxedo: Josef A. Bank

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0436.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0158.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0186.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0535.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0003.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0040.jpg 

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0042.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0101.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0115.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0070.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0169.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0243.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0239.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0270.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0273.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0282.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0302.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0315.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0358.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0420.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0424.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0431.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0456.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0461.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0463.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0465.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0467.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0473.jpg

 photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0492.jpg

  photo 42713TiffanyJoeHK0447.jpg

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