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Monday, June 3, 2013

Jennifer and John Step into the Limelight | Davis Island Yacht Club and Downtown Tampa | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Jennifer and John were a blast to work with!  We began our session at the beautiful Davis Island Yacht Club which offered beautiful waterscapes and a great view of downtown Tampa.  This location was perfect as the couple's home is nearby on Davis Island as well.  We stayed at the yacht club through sunset and were treated to some beautiful summer time colors in the clouds as storms were building in the distance.  Once twilight set the couple and I ventured downtown had a great time taking pics near the Tampa Theatre which makes for a great backdrop!  The couple is getting married in January at the Hotel Floridan so it was fun to be able to capture it in the background of a few images!  Congratulations to the happy couple!  

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0006_zps1117110b.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0008_zps58312409.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0007_zps402e2ee2.jpg
 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0017_zpsd5d8d94e.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0021_zps839ff75d.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0029_zps72d56e83.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0026_zps1501640f.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0033_zps18c22c88.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0036_zps08e40542.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0041_zps7ff1dab4.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0042_zps26bbd8bc.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0054_zpsac3d2edc.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0047_zpsb6056dcf.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0049_zps1095134a.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0072_zpsa172e816.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0071_zps7360e698.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0062_zps45268046.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0068_zpsb9f5aad4.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0077_zps4543483f.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0076_zps03d6b82e.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0082_zps8bcf1c66.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0087_zps624d936f.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0090_zpsba772dbf.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0097_zps16304a2d.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0092_zpseb1d9702.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0095_zpsb322f025.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0101_zps0690da22.jpg

 photo 51813JenniferJohn1414SM0103_zps147fcbdf.jpg

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