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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sarah and Giuseppe Featured in the Limelight | The Italian Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Sarah and Giuseppe first saw each other in a chance meeting at Sarah's grandparents house Christmas Day of 2005 and have been together ever since.  Giuseppe proposed to Sarah at a Liberty University Homecoming game in from of 20,000 people on the jumbo-tron!  This sweet couple chose to wed at The Italian Club in Tampa to honor both their families heritage as Giuseppe's father is from Sicily and Sarah's grandmother and mother are from Tampa.  The Italian Club was founded over a century ago by Italian immigrants who wanted to support and unite fellow Italians that were moving to Tampa.  The Italian Club was the perfect venue to combine Sarah's Florida roots and Giuseppe's Italian heritage.  They were married in a beautiful ceremony in the Connie Spoto Walter Theatre.  The room is designed with tall expansive windows and wood flooring and made a dramatic place for the couple's ceremony.   The Theatre was once the center for productions such as operas, plays and concerts for many world famous celebrities.  The reception was held in the Capitano Family Grand Ballroom which is the crowning glory of The Italian Club.  It clearly represents a bygone era with a hand-painted floral motif ceiling and alabaster chandeliers.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Caterer ~ Puff n' Stuff 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Italian Club 
Event Planner ~ Kelly McVeigh
Florist ~ Flowers by Jenny
Hair Stylist ~ Destiny and Light 
Invitations ~ Gartner Studios 
Videographer ~ LH Video Productions 
Wedding Gown ~ Oleg Cassini 
Linens ~ Custom Linens 

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0000collage_zps54137272.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0001_zps7bdea809.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0537_zpsd9a54d08.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0011_zps9828df3f.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0031_zps29d63fce.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0014_zpsf00bcc3b.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0070_zps5a7100d7.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0069_zps63fa2aae.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0122_zpsf2892925.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0119_zps33c74742.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0018_zps5b471c35.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0077_zpsa36ee4db.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0032_zps7ef77ee1.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0079_zpsf1884b03.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0088_zpsa90a285a.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0106_zps4d92a3a7.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0102_zps65582ba8.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0117_zpscf045a2e.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0132_zpsff249e50.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0125_zps36dfd896.jpg

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 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0222_zps56965b51.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0227_zps39067462.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0274_zps6fb4b879.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0240_zps69e7b535.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0261_zpsf91ea436.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0283_zpsf5d61ded.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0285_zpsdf814324.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0339_zps9105bba8.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0351_zps5d456b86.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0549_zpsf91b16ff.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0418_zps5c7ea96b.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0416_zps44fd3734.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0419_zps903fe6bc.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0446_zps94d571e7.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0526_zpsfeb8b773.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0435_zps04f15e61.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0494_zpscde00402.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0610_zps6504bf93.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0680_zps4ec64b45.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0752_zps529051e6.jpg

 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0757_zps4aa7fde2.jpg

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 photo 6813SarahGiuseppeSM0868_zpsc4d499d1.jpg

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