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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tanganee and Bryan Featured in the Limelight | Postcard Inn | St. Pete Beach, FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

The rustic, laid-back, beachy vibe of the Postcard Inn was the perfect setting for Tanganee and Bryan, and a nostalgic nod to his proposal on Siesta Key Beach. It turned out for the best that this couple has the same fun, hip, and easy-going personalities as their venue, because when a few trickles of rain after the ceremony turned into a full-out storm, the reception location had to be changed at the last minute! Since making each other laugh is one of their most favorite things to do, they turned lemons into lemonade and enjoyed the time with their guests on the couches and benches downstairs in the lobby while our second location was quickly and efficiently organized upstairs. One of the unique features of Tanganee and Bryan's wedding day was its simplicity of design, and that was key to making this day a success for them. Despite all the surprises, though, they ended the day with smiles and laughter, love and family, and many wonderful memories to carry them through their marriage. Congratulations, Tanganee and Bryan!

Ceremony and Reception : Postcard Inn
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies
Wedding Gown : David's Bridal
Bridesmaids' Dresses : Bill Levkoff
Cake : Publix
Florist : Seaside Florals
Hair Stylist : Bridesmaid Melody Normountin
Make-up Artist : Joey Sanchez
Invitations : Magnet Street

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0464.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0539.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0518.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0094.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0582.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0006.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0007.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0010.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0033.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0044.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0046.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0050.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0053.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0070.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0063.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0068.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0080.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0032.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0031.jpg

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 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0886.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0169.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0180.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0206.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0217.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0309.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0409.jpg

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 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0479.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0429.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0447.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0436.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0758.jpg

 photo 6813TanganeeBryanHK0444.jpg

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