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Friday, June 14, 2013

Tressa and Herber Featured in the Limelight | Lido Beach Resort | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

For Tressa and Herber, it truly was love at first sight. After an impromptu trip to a salsa club before leaving to Russia, Tressa knew Herber was the one after just one dance - which was also their first dance as husband and wife! Two days after a surprise proposal at the Washington DC Airport when Tressa came home from Moscow for Herber's birthday in January, they were were so excited to be married, that they just eloped! This evening was truly a celebration for their entire families, though, and to see so many cultural elements combine as one as their families met and joined as one through this couple was truly magical. Even a list minute change in the ceremony site, and some rain during our bride and groom session didn't dampen the excitement and joy of the day! From the laid-back, home-town beachy feeling of Tressa's background, to the salsa and cha-cha music representing Herber's Latin family, as well as the Russian candies symbolizing their current home, the individual key lime and lemon tart pies alluding to their previous Key West vacations, and most importantly the blending of their cultures represented through a bi-lingual ceremony, this evening was one truly unique to Tressa and Herber. Felicitaciones! Les deseamos a ambos toda la felicidad del mundo. Congratulations! Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world.

Venue and Caterer: Lido Beach Resort
Hair and Make-up: A.Nu.U Salon
 Wedding Gown: Simply Bridal

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0052.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0026.jpg

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 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0006.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0015.jpg

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 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0093.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0706.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0094.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0162.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0181.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0218.jpg

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 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0341.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0349.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0360.jpg

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 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0331.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0361.jpg

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 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0652.jpg

 photo 6113TressaHerberHK0494.jpg

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