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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alicia and Josh Step Into the Limelight | Downtown Tampa | Tampa Engagement Photography

Alicia and Josh had a beautiful bright and early engagement session on Davis Island and at the University of Tampa. We had a blast going around for this delightful session! Congrats to Alicia and Josh on their engagement! :) 

 photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0021.jpg

 photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0017.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0023.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0036.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0048.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0051.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0058.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0063.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0065.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0067.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0073.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0075.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0096.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0098.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0101.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0106.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0107.jpg  photo 62813AliciaJoshAF0110.jpg

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