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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Quinceanera, Bellalys!

For the family and friends of this beautiful young lady, the quinceanera marks a very special occasion in her life. Next month, Bellalys will officially begin the transition of growing up through this Latin American tradition. But before the big night, we met on the beautiful Madeira Beach to take some portraits. Plagued by rain all day and with storms still looming, it was uncertain whether we would be able to even begin! But with the same intrepidity with which she begins the next stage of her life, Bellalys and her family forged ahead on this beautiful night - and we didn't have one drop of rain! What a fortuitous sign on this newest adventure! Congratulations, and Happy Quinceanera!

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0009.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0003.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0018.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0017.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0038.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0046.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0081.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0084.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0096.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0104.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0109.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0130.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0140.jpg

 photo 71613GalanQuinceanera83113HK0124.jpg

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