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Friday, September 13, 2013

Bellalys Galan Quinceanera | A La Carte Pavilion | Tampa, FL Event Photography

From the day little girls begin imagining their most fantastic dreams, each one pictures herself a princess. For Bellalys, this dream came true at her Quinceanera. Family and friends gathered at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa for this special evening to mark the momentous fifteenth birthday of this young lady's life. With not one, but two stunning gowns plus a sassy party dress, Bellalys was absolutely the center of everyone's attention the entire evening. A separate reception was provided for the children with her favorite soda cocktails, and for the adults with custom-made cigar wrappers with Bellalys's picture.

At the beginning of the Quinceanera ceremony, a procession of her close friends were escorted in as couples, and then Bellalys was escorted into the ballroom with her father. She and her father visited each couple, where she received a rose from the girls, and Bellalys gathered those roses into a bouquet that she presented to her mother. Immediately afterward, there was a heartwarming dance with her father, and a few very special, choreographed dances with Bellalys and her Quinceanera court. After changing into her pure white gown with details that shone like diamonds, she danced with her grandfather - but that was "interrupted" by her younger brother, which completed her evening ceremony dances. What a celebration!

The rest of the evening was pure festivity! From the elaborate and beautiful birthday cake - which was decorated with the event's pink and silver colors as well as an ornate monogram topper - to the lively and festive salsa music that had everyone on their feet, the evening was a rousing gala the likes of which this family will never forget! Happy Birthday, Bellalys!

Event Coordinator ~ Heidi, A La Carte Pavilion
Video ~ VHVideo
Cigars ~ Tabanero Cigars
Choreographer ~ Amanda Marie Villanova
Limousine ~ Tampa Bay Limousine
with Very Special thanks to the Oliva Tobacco Company

 photo 83113BallalysGalanQuinceaneraHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 83113BellalysGalanQuinceaneraHK0003.jpg

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