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Friday, October 4, 2013

Stephanie and Mark Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Palms Country Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photographer

Stephanie and Mark were an amazing couple to work with for their beautiful wedding day at the Tampa Palms Country Club!  The couple was surrounded by their closest family and friends to share their vows and celebrate their love.  The newlyweds chose natural hand-made details, shades of green, and lovebirds to accent their big day.   They even had a beautiful dove release at the end of their ceremony!   I instantly felt this couple's love and it was a true pleasure to capture the special moments of their wedding day.  

I absolutely adore the story of the couple's journey to the altar as it is very similar to my own!  This type of love story doesn't happen to often anymore so I just had to share!   Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

"Mark and Steph believe that they were always destined to be together, and think it was inevitable that one day they would meet and fall in love. Lucky for them, they got an early start on their love when they met at a summer BBQ in 2001. Steph was just sixteen and Mark was seventeen. That’s right - they've been together for 11 years and are "high school sweethearts". They were together for their senior year of high school and still enjoy memories of being together at their proms. After high school, they decided to stay together through college even though Mark was in Cincinnati and Steph was in Buffalo. It wasn't easy at times, but they made it work as a long distance couple through all 4 years in college.  They decided to move to Florida together after college in search of warmer weather and better career opportunities.  Mark and Steph both love Florida and take advantage of the warm weather by enjoying the beaches, playing tennis together and relaxing at the pool. They feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place but of course miss their families. After living together off and on for 6 years, the day finally came on September 29, 2012 when Mark proposed to Steph and they will finally be getting married. Most people are shocked when they find out how long they have dated and wonder why it took so long for them to get married, but for them it was all about taking the time to grow up and learn together. They are looking forward to the wedding and having so many special people together in Tampa with them on their wedding day! "

DJ ~ SG Mobile DJ ~ Jeff 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Tampa Palms Country Club 
Event Planner ~ Christy Bowen 
Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Michelle Renee 
Invitations ~ Kristen Barber
Wedding Gown ~ The Collection Bridal

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0000collage_zps7889ecc6.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0001_zpse88013bc.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0005_zpse259580c.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0102_zpsdd874cc7.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0140_zps638eaf30.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0017_zps5f17afc0.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0012_zps23402e8a.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0091_zpsc3d43afc.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0162_zps64028048.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0244_zps2a83fcf4.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0250_zpse5ee7bea.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0241_zps6dc048e7.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0447_zps116a5a4d.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0190_zpsf6883fdc.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0197_zps1cbe9dce.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0214_zps45e9060e.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0307_zps275ef599.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0301_zps1382a5cb.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0385_zps57ddde14.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0403_zps535e39ff.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0498_zps5d3957b2.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0496_zps610113cc.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0499_zps8f9a96eb.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0402_zps9d36a032.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0505_zpsd05b9371.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0516_zpsfe0687ea.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0513_zpsd7d718f7.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0517_zps911b57df.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0525_zpsc5e35ad8.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0539_zpsddc453c9.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0543_zpsbc8a702f.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0553_zps281e37dc.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0550_zpsbd6a50b1.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0557_zps68dc719d.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0606_zpsbd8ecc20.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0560_zps0c7cc2d9.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0590_zps1fd89218.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0708_zpse8d9f823.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0675_zpsc81dc356.jpg

 photo 92113StephanieMarkSM0758_zps945e6c10.jpg

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Unknown said...

These photos are amazing! I can't wait to see all of them. This was such a special time for our family and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments that we can treasure for a lifetime!

-Kristen, Matron of Honor