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Friday, November 29, 2013

Mirelle and Felix Featured in the Limelight | Don Vicente Historic Inn | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Almost three years ago to the date of their wedding, Mirelle and Felix locked eyes and instantly fell in love. Together with Mirelle's sweet puppy Roscoe, they made a family of three who love sports, playing together outside, and simply just being together. And so it was when Felix asked Mirelle for her forever promise, and together they planned a wedding where they agreed on every last detail together. The vintage style they selected was set perfectly at the Don Vicente Historic Inn where they chose to say their vows. All of the details were elegant and simple, with just the right amount of sparkle to match the bride and groom's bright and outgoing personalities. The intimate setting allowed all the guests to mingle with each other freely throughout the evening, which was the perfect way for this couple to begin their new life together. Congratulations, Mirelle and Felix!

Ceremony and Reception: Don Vicente Historic Inn
Wedding Planner: Tammy Waterman
DJ: David Beats
Caterer: Chives Catering
Cake: Publix
Hair Stylist: Michele Renee and Marco Escobar
Make-up Artist: Michele Renee
Invitations: Image Pressworks
Wedding Gown: David's Bridal
Bridesmaids' Dresses: David's Bridal
Photobooth: Images Photobooth

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0516.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0285.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0460.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0017.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0025.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0013.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0103.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0095.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0169.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0165.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0160.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0106.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0031.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0145.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0124.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0152.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0143.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0191.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0197.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0454.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0467.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0484.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0490.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0500.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0497.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0505.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0507.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0513.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0514.jpg

 photo 111513MirelleFelixHK0480.jpg

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