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Friday, November 15, 2013

Raiza and Chris Featured in the Limelight | Nativity Catholic Church and Higgins Hall | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Raiza and Chris first met back in high school, but did not start dating until many years later. On June 9, 2012 Chris proposed to Raiza on their first vacation as a couple, which was also their first family vacation together. The cruise was docked and the Atlantis was sparking in the background as Chris professed his love and got on one knee to ask Raiza to be his wife. Raiza was completely surprised! Their relationship has been through many ups and downs. But through it all, they have given each other 100% support from day one. Whether is was emotional, educational, professional, you name it. They have been each others' biggest cheerleaders and always will be!

They enjoy playing scrabble, listening to Spanish music and want to learn to salsa together!

Chris and Raiza looked at TWENTY venues without finding one that fit their needs. One night after much frustration, Raiza prayed to find a venue. The very next weekend they visited Higgins Hall  and the sight of the angel statues made the hair on Raiza's arms stand up and they just knew it was the perfect venue for them!

The wedding ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony at Nativity Catholic Church. It was a beautiful ceremony with full mass and communion. The reception at Higgins Hall had a Moroccan flair with a colorful jubilee of love, energy and family bond. Raiza's favorite details of the wedding were the cake stand, the sweetheart table and the table linens - each with a hint of the color orange! The evening ended with a surprise appearance from traditional Puerto Rican drum band which really got the house rocking!

DJ ~ DJ Yahoo 
Cake ~ L'Artisian Cake Atelier 
Caterer ~ Catering by the Family 
Ceremony Site ~ Nativity Catholic Church 
Chair Rental ~ Signature Event Rentals 
Event Planner ~ Jess Unique Celebrations
Florist ~ Arlene Floral Desinger 
Hair Stylist ~ Indulgence Day Spa and Salon 
Lighting ~ Dream House Productions 
Make-up Artist ~ Denise
Photobooth ~ Shutterbooth 
Reception Venue ~ Higgins Hall 

 photo 11213RaizaChrisRZ_0000collage_zpsb470e1f4.jpg

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