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Monday, November 18, 2013

Step into the Limelight | Downtown St. Petersburg | St. Petersburg, FL Engagement Photography

I met up with this lovely couple on one of the windiest days of the year! We started at the old historic post office centered in downtown St. Petersburg and worked our way over to the docks by the pier. The wind about blew us over, a security guard by the docks even joked 'you should have had the session during a hurricane!' but they were both so good natured about it.  It was a pleasure working with them on their engagement, such a fun and sincerely sweet couple! Excited to be a part of the wedding set for this spring!

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-2.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-12.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-17.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-64.jpeg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-31.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-28.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-22.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-34.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-47.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713jo-66.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-61.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-83.jpeg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-96.jpg

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-77.jpg

 photo 11413SarahandKevin42713JO-85.jpg 

 photo 11413SarahandKevin427.jpg

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