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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Allison and Corey Featured in the Limelight | Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Allison and Corey are in it for the long haul. They've been friends forever, and have lots of memories together going all the way back to high school, so it was no surprise when they finally tied the knot. It was a total surprise though, how Corey proposed, which was at a surprise birthday party that Allison was throwing for Corey! For their wedding day, Allison selected a complementary palette of purple and white with elegant calla lilies and purple alstroemeria and orchids which were absolutely stunning against the Florida Aquarium venue backdrop. Congratulations Allison and Corey!

Ceremony and Reception: Florida Aquarium
Event Planner: Natalie @ Florida Aquarium
Wedding Gown: David's Bridal
Bridesmaids' Dresses: David's Bridal
Make-up Artist: Michelle Johnson
Hair Stylist: Meghann Zarillo
Cake: Argento's

 photo 112313AllisonCoreyHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0039.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0004.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0034.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0051.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0060.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0013.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0071.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0190.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0175.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0258.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0252.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0431.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0436.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0462.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0645.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0623.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0416.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0432.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0448.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0465.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0835.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0850.jpg

 photo 112330AllisonCoreyHK0831.jpg

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