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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Angela and Adrian Featured in the Limelight | Davis Island Garden Club | Tampa, FL, Wedding Photography

Angela and Adrian were a pure joy to work with on their amazing wedding day at The Davis Island Garden Club in Tampa, FL!  Cloudy skies and a few sprinkles could not stop this couple's light from shining through on their special day!  Their smiles and care for one another was a delight to capture!  Surrounded by beautiful tones of pink the couple said "I Do!" in front of a lovely gazebo overlooking the water!  Following the ceremony we ventured out on Davis Island and stopped at a gorgeous building known as the Palace of Florence.  It is an apartment building designed in a mediterranean style that is a lovely place for bride and groom portraits.  The couple celebrated with their friends and family in an energetic and fun reception!  There were so many beautiful hand-made details that really added a unique touch to the evening.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

DJ ~ Delite Entertainment 
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Mori Lee 
Cake ~ Cakes Plus 
Caterer ~ Olympia Catering 
Bride and Groom Accomodations  ~ Marriott Waterside 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Davis Island Garden Club 
Florist ~ Events in Bloom 
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Lili's Weddings
Invitations ~ Butterflycat Invitations 
Videographer ~ Trinity Wedding Cinema 
Wedding Gown ~ White Closet 
Groom's Attire ~ Men's Wearhouse 

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0000collage_zps97155f9c.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0166_zpscae015ce.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0102_zpse50d394b.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0049_zps894ac15e.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0107_zps02a60b8b.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0159_zpsadc0fd50.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0168_zps6c77426a.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0153_zpsb9a9715a.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0190_zpsd5fdca2b.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0238_zps86aedca3.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0619_zpsefc67e6d.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0096_zps342cdda0.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0095_zps1b61b9ac.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0182_zpsab63215f.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0317_zps450057c9.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0312_zps31e2ad44.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0349_zps2e40dc0e.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0447_zpsa8221d17.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0451_zpsd086c365.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0454_zpsf0fc5b7a.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0455_zpseaa7763f.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0459_zps6ed5eb1e.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0466_zpsd40214ed.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0468_zps1850a2f4.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0472_zpsae5ab233.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0490_zps3c045b16.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0492_zpsd557a4bd.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0434_zps2b44ed45.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0438_zps2f3de91d.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0267_zps6a9b0e31.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0270_zpsb7b0551f.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0617_zps37200428.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0606_zps886da3a6.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0534_zps93ef7bce.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0691_zps40d07917.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0746_zps148d4dbe.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0749_zps83dad744.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0759_zpsa207c50e.jpg

 photo 111513AngelaAdrianSM_0818_zps3d082166.jpg

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