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Monday, December 23, 2013

Confetti + Limelight Promo Shoot | St. Petersburg Beach, FL | Loews Don CeSar Hotel

The Confetti Events team absolutely loves all things black and gold. This it is not because of any particular sports team or alma mater; it is because, to us, adding a touch of black and gold to just about anything is like adding a bit of sophistication and glamour. So, when we heard that the Lowe's Don CeSar was hosting a James Bond themed employee holiday party this year, we quite literally leapt at the opportunity to do a Black and Gold 007 inspired photo shoot! 

When styling this shoot, we knew we wanted to keep it simple yet glamorous.  Fortunately, we had an amazing group of local vendors who helped us make this 007 inspiration come to life. Cheers Events, the Lowe's Don CeSar's in-house décor gurus not only provided us with our amazing floral arrangements and the linens, but they also turned our vision into a reality with a gold draped ballroom based off James Bond's Goldfinger. Signature Event Rentals’ two beautiful, black Chivari barstools with gold seat covers could not have been more perfect for our sweetheart table in the gorgeous Lowe’s Don CeSar courtyard!

Of course, one could not even consider doing a 007 inspired photo shoot without the perfect bride and groom. Ashley and Dave were so great about taking our 007 inspiration and bringing it to life. So sweetly in love, watching these two pose and take direction from the wildly talented Rebecca from Limelight Photography quite literally left us breathless. Sacino's helped us style our groom from head to toe with a James Bond inspired tuxedo, complete with the iconic black bow tie. Judy from The Dressing Room took our vision of a sleek and elegant bride and provided us with the oh-so glamorous Tigris dress from White One, as well as a vintage black belt and gold jewelry from her private collection. Jess Waldrop Make-Up Artists flawlessly completed our inspirational look with loose side swept curls and a gold tinted smokey eye.

The Limelight Photography team, as always, captured each and every moment and detail with such perfection. With so many stunning shots to choose from, we imagine it was pretty difficult to select a few for the storyboard! We hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we do! 

 photo 001_12813confettidoncesar_rz_collage_zps161d11de.jpg
 photo 003_12813confettidoncesar_ma_168_zps0870d4bb.jpg
 photo 004_12813confettidoncesar_ma_176_zpsb1038887.jpg
 photo 005_12813confettidoncesar_rz_057_zps14ede317.jpg
 photo 006_12813confettidoncesar_rz_062_zps736600c9.jpg
 photo 007_12813ConfettiDonCeSar_MA_218_zps95ad4dd8.jpg
 photo 008_12813ConfettiDonCeSar_MA_219_zps722d410b.jpg
 photo 009_12813ConfettiDonCeSar_MA_226_zpsda0609c9.jpg
 photo 010_12813ConfettiDonCeSar_MA_232_zps40591723.jpg
 photo 011_12813confettidoncesar_rz_009_zps901e9826.jpg
 photo 012_12813confettidoncesar_rz_042_zps2ef6b4d7.jpg
 photo 013_12813confettidoncesar_rz_019_zps767c6751.jpg
 photo 014_12813confettidoncesar_rz_037_zps244d8644.jpg
 photo 015_12813confettidoncesar_rz_029_zpsaffbab36.jpg
 photo 016_12813confettidoncesar_rz_031_zpsad789ec6.jpg
 photo 017_12813confettidoncesar_rz_038_zps622474cd.jpg
 photo 018_12813confettidoncesar_rz_033_zps6e1ec7a2.jpg
 photo 019_12813confettidoncesar_rz_049_zps636fe3b6.jpg
 photo 020_12813confettidoncesar_rz_050_zps7ebf6b8b.jpg
 photo 021_12813confettidoncesar_rz_069_zpsd68ea7e3.jpg
 photo 022_12813confettidoncesar_rz_054_zpsf6f51629.jpg
 photo 023_12813confettidoncesar_rz_072_zps3ab482a2.jpg
 photo 024_12813confettidoncesar_rz_079_zps39ca8fcd.jpg
 photo 025_12813confettidoncesar_rz_075_zps54752f96.jpg
 photo 026_12813confettidoncesar_rz_082_zpsc29df4d4.jpg
 photo 027_12813confettidoncesar_rz_135_zpsc21b9000.jpg
 photo 028_12813confettidoncesar_rz_119_zpsf7d95c6a.jpg
 photo 029_12813confettidoncesar_rz_111_zpsea57181f.jpg
 photo 030_12813confettidoncesar_rz_092_zpsfe4bbb71.jpg
 photo 031_12813confettidoncesar_rz_100_zps43c3ce1c.jpg
 photo 032_12813confettidoncesar_rz_091_zpsd7321ca8.jpg
 photo 033_12813confettidoncesar_rz_159_zps40039cef.jpg
 photo 034_12813confettidoncesar_rz_113_zpsd71168db.jpg
 photo 035_12813confettidoncesar_rz_164_zps38602f5b.jpg

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