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Friday, December 6, 2013

Katherine and Jonathan Featured in the Limelight | Clearwater Countryside Country Club | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photography

A few months ago, Katherine and Jonathan's engagement session was posted where he proposed to her a second time with the ring of her dreams. Katherine wore that new ring proudly and beautifully as she prepared in her mother's home to walk down the aisle to meet her Marine on an absolutely beautiful afternoon at the Countryside Country Club. Her long veil hand-crafted in London and Jonathan's Marine dress blues set the classic and elegant tone for their day which was accented with sparkles and a simple palette of pale pink and off-white. It was a truly wonderful day as Katherine and Jonathan took center stage among their family and friends. Congratulations, Katherine and Jonathan!

Bridal Gown ~ David's Bridal
Bridesmaid's Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Flowers ~ Weddings by Isa's Flowers

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0090.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0035.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0119.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0199.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0129.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0314.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0301.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0300.jpg

 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0475.jpg

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 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0786.jpg

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 photo 111713KatherineJonathanHK0798.jpg

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