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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mr. Herbert G. Brown's Surprise 90th Birthday Party Featured in the Limelight | Nauti-Nancy's | Clearwater, FL Event Photography

This was a very special night to honor a very special man!  It was an absolute privilege to capture the surprise 90th birthday party for Mr. Herbert G. Brown.   Mr. Brown is a native of Louisiana where he owned and operated several business including furniture stores, a bank and several pharmacies.  In the 1970's Mr. Brown joined forces with Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drugs and chose to make Clearwater, FL his home.  To honor his 90th birthday, his family put together a wonderful surprise party at Nauti-Nancy's restaurant in Clearwater, FL.  Over the years Mr. Brown has been very active and invested in the positive growth of Clearwater.  Due to these many efforts the mayor of Clearwater, George N. Cretekos was in attendance to present Mr. Brown a key to the city in honor of his dedication to the community.  Decorated in all of Mr. Brown's favorite things from his native Louisiana, the guest of honor and party attendees were treated to delicious feast of seafood, catfish, gumbo, pulled pork and corn bread.  Shannon Wilson of Table 6 Productions did a fabulous job putting together this Cajun themed bash!   Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0000collage_zps512dd8ba.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0017_zps1e475a17.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0001_zps936bbb3e.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0026_zps6e695423.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0031_zps3bde1ecc.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0047_zpse083c5ea.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0046_zpsaaab608c.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0051_zps4ec06be0.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0050_zpsc6f94307.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0019_zps2198bbec.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0034_zpsfec4b0a4.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0147_zpsfa1b4c20.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0157_zps5450e479.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0188_zps307f490d.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0071_zps8a307209.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0035_zps34b317b0.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0013_zps49a67388.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0205_zps38de2f2d.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0209_zpsf98568f4.jpg

 photo 112213HerbertBrown90thBirthdaySM_0184_zps823f0594.jpg

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