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Friday, January 31, 2014

Carly and Michael Featured in the Limelight | Avila Golf and Country Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Carly and Michael were married in a beautiful and elegant ceremony and reception at the Avila Golf and Country Club in Tampa, FL!   Surrounded by their family and friends the couple exchanged vows and celebrated in the gorgeous club house!  A winter cold front made it's way through the state the day before but the warmth that poured from this couple and wedding day overcame the weather!  Carly and her mother created all the beautiful floral arrangements and design in tones of plum, lilac and gray and no detail was over looked!  One of my favorite details was a board of keys that served as the escort card table and each key had the name of guest hanging from it.  Each key said HEART and it was the perfect prop for a beautiful picture of the couple's wedding bands.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Bill Levkoff
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Michele Renee Hair and Make-up Group 
Wedding Gown ~ Essence 

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0000collage_zpse2fec76b.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0002_zpsf7afe973.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0013_zps7997efb3.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0007_zpsfd742903.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0050_zps9fc4d7e4.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0037_zps58af6767.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0059_zps4b7bb689.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0068_zpsa2555b9d.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0231_zpsa38b6123.jpg photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0076_zps6c828fcb.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0078_zps7485d0b9.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0085_zps014a2fab.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0122_zps7859d2b8.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0128_zpsc8212ace.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0134_zps52a1fd63.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0117_zps5a1c3807.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0236_zps7cd946aa.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0248_zps05c0895e.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0253_zps8ff89b06.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0452_zps8affba93.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0462_zps1c8a5565.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0466_zps0fc641b3.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0468_zps5da60982.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0470_zpsa7a21f02.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0471-2_zpsec1b8e84.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0473_zps161f9fe1.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0480_zps38d6a2bf.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0481_zps3aecdb3e.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0487_zps06dffaf3.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0446_zps4a2c1fae.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0355_zps6d699773.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0367_zps0492c816.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0396_zps5e3406ba.jpg

 photo 11814CarlyMichaelSM_0476_zps48d72c32.jpg

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