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Friday, January 17, 2014

Merritt and Will Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Merritt and Will were married in a beautiful sunset ceremony on the roof top Sky Terrace of the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach!  It was a gorgeous day for a wedding, although it was a little chilly for Florida standards!   A little cold front did not stop these newlyweds and their family and friends from enjoying every minute of their day and their smiles brought a warmth to the day that was felt by all.  This beautiful couple is a perfect match!  They have both served their country in the United States Army and enjoy relaxing at the beach by the water.  That made Clearwater Beach a lovely place for the couple to get married!  Congratulations to the happy couple!

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Nordstrom
Caterer ~ Hyatt Regency 
Event Coordinator ~ Lindsey Sykes 
Florist ~ La Vie en Rose 
Hair and Make-up Sylist ~ Karen Watson 
Wedding Gown ~ Enzoani 

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0000collage_zps3ebda93b.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0070_zps4a0c9ce4.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0028_zps69c0d7d7.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0042_zps1a24bc1b.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0048_zps871534b7.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0120_zpsb359e728.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0087_zpsfad296ab.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0140_zps7de016cb.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0148_zps094894a5.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0002_zpsc1712719.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0017_zpsbe729029.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0039_zpsf838d847.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0105_zps87b11d63.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0127_zps8e0196d8.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0139_zps42919316.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0154_zps918980b6.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0158_zps360eacdf.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0165_zpsb9b8c3a1.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0178_zps7fbba6aa.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0182_zpsea7f63e3.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0188_zpsa619117f.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0190_zps4849a9d9.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0394_zpsc17c5e68.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0336_zps3565d686.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0341_zps2cd00ae1.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0420_zps06148831.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0381_zps8e07f5dd.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0425_zpsa5ec907a.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0450_zps7f3ac6c5.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0446_zpse50da93d.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0445_zps2bcec3c2.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0456_zps60b95967.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0612_zpscc9cfc2b.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0629_zpse6e201d7.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0632_zps3984a7bc.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0649_zpsf5d2407b.jpg

 photo 1314MerrittWillSM_0652_zps9a2f4bf0.jpg

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