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Monday, February 17, 2014

Danya and Phil Featured Into the Limelight | Sirata Beach Resort | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Danya and Phil had the fortuitousness to meet on eHarmony. The same town where they spent their first date - getting lost in the middle of St. Petersburg - was where they would also say their forever vows. With his eccentric nature, and her reserved personality, the two agreed on a traditional feel to their wedding. A color palette of neutrals and ivory, offset with golds and the vintage reds from dried roses - one saved from each dozen Phil presented Danya with over their three and a half years of dating - and surrounded by family from around the globe, these two began their "journey to the moon" together as husband and wife! Congratulations, Danya and Phil!

Reception ~ Sirata Beach Resort
Hair and Make-Up ~ Michele Renee Studio
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal

 photo 12414DanyaPhilHKCollage0000.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0009.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0099.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0068.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0096.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0049.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0172.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0176.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0213.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0303.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0310.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0500.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0545.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0554.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0560.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0563.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0573.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0579.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0588.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0586.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0581.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0596.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0610.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0612.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0624.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0647.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0695.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0668.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0682.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0697.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0693.jpg

 photo 12514DanyaPhilHK0731.jpg

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