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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Maria and Arthur Featured in the Limelight | Renaissance Tampa International Plaza | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Maria and Arthur are a modern couple with firmly planted traditional roots, and their wedding day showcased that at every turn. Maria chose a beautiful cathedral length veil that was later tucked away in favor of a glitzy, feather hair adornment. Arthur took control of the day's events, and planned every bit of the wedding down to the minute - and with great success! The cake was a traditional tiered cake, but had the most adorable topper! Maria and Arthur's decision to have a first look in contemporary fashion was balanced with a very traditional ceremony at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown Tampa, and included a special ceremony with arras coins that have been in the bride's family for more than 100 years. A color palette of rich blue and the modern pageant-style bouquets of lilies set a sleek, yet classic look for this beautiful couple. Congratulations!

Hair and Make-up ~ Michele Renee
Wedding Gown ~ Olga's Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Alfred Angelo
DJ - RJ Vida
Videographer ~ Lexoria Wedding Films
PhotoBooth ~ Foto Box

 photo 2114MariaArthurHKCollage0000.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0002.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0031.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0048.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0063.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0009.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0086.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0102.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0143.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0150.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0236.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0156.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0169.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0174.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0175.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0191.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0216.jpg

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 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0246.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK1016.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0314.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0366.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0372.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0474.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0626.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0627.jpg

 photo 2114MariaArthurHK0778.jpg

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