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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Omayra and Frederick Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Omayra and Fred were married in a beautiful beach side ceremony on the Gulf Lawn of the amazing Sandpearl resort on Clearwater Beach, FL.  The couple celebrated with their friends and family in an elegant reception in the Hunter Ballroom.  Surrounded by tones of blue the couple said "I DO" in a ceremony under a traditional Jewish Chuppah and signed a beautiful ketubah, which is a Jewish marriage doctrine.  The newlyweds ketubah was absolutely beautiful as it was hand painted in a scene to match their wedding day.  My favorite detail about their reception was the wine theme.  Both the bride and groom love wine so for their sign-in book their guests signed corks instead of a book!  I loved that I was able to incorporate their wedding bands with a cork that says "Love You."  It was very sweet!   It was a pleasure working with this lovely couple and their families!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Coco Myles 
Cake ~ Sandpearl 
Caterer ~ Sandpearl 
Ceremony Site ~ Sandpearl ~ Gulf  Lawn 
Event Planner ~ Exquisite Events ~ Lisa Mohyla 
Florist ~ 2Birds Events 
Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Michele Renee 
Wedding Gown ~ Minerva Bridal 

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0000collage_zpsdbd668ad.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0056_zpseec47e4d.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0052_zps66d829b7.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0012_zps2a5c8b34.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0080_zps9356ae6d.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0063_zpsd8b22da6.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0006_zps6928c6de.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0023_zpsdbf36a2a.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0027_zpsdc9856f0.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0047_zps270bd2e3.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0072_zps472ee799.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0083_zpscd6ef487.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0145_zpsd5a06da6.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0164_zps8dab6871.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0233_zps4d82c3ea.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0289_zps4ee8be87.jpg

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 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0204_zpsccefc1bf.jpg

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 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0260_zpsd77268cb.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0264_zpse07aa05e.jpg

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 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0303_zps5c01591c.jpg

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 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0387_zps21f246a0.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0388_zps7fd0f4a0.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0390_zps6bc88a18.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0399_zps70e92975.jpg

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 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0427_zps6da6b3da.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0522_zpse88d268f.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0528_zpscc791374.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0708_zps776009fb.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0530_zps286f4220.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0463_zpsa060d404.jpg

 photo 2114OmayraFrederickSM_0460_zpsdd9c6c6a.jpg

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