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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tampa Bay Nace Featured in the Limelight | Museum of Fine Arts | St. Petersburg, FL Event Photography

NACE is the oldest and largest professional society that addresses all aspects of the event and catering industry.  Limelight Photography had the pleasure of capturing the January meeting of it's members at The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL.   Decorated in tones of Radiant Orchid, the color of the year, the event space was beautiful and the meeting addressed trends and future forecasts for events in 2014.  Speakers presented trends in all aspects of the event industry from photography to cakes and decor.   Olympia Catering presented a sophisticated meal that was both elegant and delicious!  

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Featured Vendors Include : 

 photo 12314_NACE_0000collage_zps134865ac.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0005_zpsce697e39.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0007_zps517e693d.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0008_zps9b63e560.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0019_zpse340d69d.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0022_zps0020032a.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0030_zps784edc6d.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0044_zps6a2c9990.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0054_zps642b0673.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0055_zpse0a37adf.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0068_zps2316ac92.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0057_zps750f0144.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0058_zpse1ce5cde.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0078_zps5e71ed4a.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0064_zps50770845.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0066_zpsb67e1daa.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0071_zps8eefa59c.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0079_zpscb3ad1e4.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0087_zps5e498ee9.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0089_zps210f81c1.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0096_zps9b2f6af8.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0092_zpsabad5c48.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0117_zps2c5e05be.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0119_zpsaa42af1a.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0107_zps0d2feff1.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0116_zpsfea694f1.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0108_zpsf12375df.jpg

 photo 12314_NACE_0104_zps5ee3c00f.jpg

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