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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Heather and Chris Step Into the Limelight | Tampa, FL | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Heather and Chris are a super adventurous couple who enjoy nature! So it was not surprising when they chose to have their engagement session at Lettuce Lake Park! We braved the wildlife, and enjoyed the great outdoors for a fantastic time together, laughing, playing, even climbing on canoes; and of course making some amazing photographs! Congratulations, Heather and Chris! I am so excited to be with you on your wedding day in September!

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0002.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0014.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0005.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0021.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0052.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0032.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0065.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0071.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0085.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0075.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0119.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0099.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0113.jpg

 photo 32514HeatherChris91314HK0083.jpg

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