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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Susan and Josh Featured in the Limelight | Hilton Clearwater Beach | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

For Susan and Josh, spending time outdoors together is a regular occasion. And so for this North Carolina couple, they knew their wedding they would be held in Florida - close to friends and family, and close to the beach. Susan selected the color scheme of coral and navy because it reflects the colors of their favorite sports team - the Florida Gators! For the reception, Susan also wanted variety in her table arrangements, and had three different kinds of centerpieces arranged for the decor. The gold accents added a lovely and elegant feel, and the rockin' live band - DeLeon - was there to provide incredible entertainment! Susan is one of 8 sisters in her family, and every one of them and their families were at the reception, so it was important to her to have a special picture with all of the sisters and their mom - it focuses on their hands together in a circle as they display their wedding rings. Susan was the baby of the family, and the last sister to get married - it was such a beautiful and lovely day for both of Susan and Josh's families to be joined together! Congratulations!

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Olga's Bridal
Venue, Caterer ~ Hilton, Clearwater Beach
Event Planner ~ Confetti Events
Florist ~ Iza's Flowers
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique
 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0000.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0031.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0013.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0049.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0082.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0137.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0011.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0074.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0097.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0166.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0210.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0179.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0286.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0299.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0533.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0523.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0526.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0545.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0547.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0566.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0574.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0568.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0581.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0589.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0592.jpg

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 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0622.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0605.jpg

 photo 32914SusanJoshHK0627.jpg

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