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Monday, July 28, 2014

Courtney and Kip Featured in the Limelight | St. Mary's Star of the Sea and The Ocean Key Resort | Key West, FL Wedding Photography

Courtney and Kip, along with their friends and family, flew into beautiful Key West for a destination wedding from Hoboken, New Jersey. Courtney and Kip have a beautiful love story - they met when they were just teenagers down at the Jersey Shore. Kip proposed on the beach after a candlelit dinner in Riviera Maya, Mexico! Courtney and Kip love each others' sense of humor, each others' values and commitment to family. They both love having fun and enjoying life. They are both athletic and active, caring, giving, hardworking and goofing. Their saying for each other is "blonde hair don't care." They have together and adore their dog Bauer.

Courtney and Kip both enjoy working out, playing soccer, tennis and golf together, watching movies, dining out, traveling, exploring, kayaking, training for marathons together, whale hunting, skiing, dancing and laughing together!

Both Courtney and Kip love the beach and have a special affinity for the ocean, especially since they met on the Jersey Shore and they shared their first kiss at Mantoloking off Downer Ave 15 years ago. They wanted a destination wedding so they chose Key West so people could enjoy the beach, the island and the wonderful wedding weekend! Their wedding was romantic, beachy and preppy. The beautiful scenery and island feel added to the ambiance.

Ceremony Location | St. Mary’s Star of the Sea
Reception Location | Ocean Key, Sunset Pier
Rentals | Ocean Key
Flowers | Milan Events
Ceremony Music | Key West Strings
Cocktail hour music | Bongo D
Reception Music | The Headliners
Hair/Makeup | Studio Marie Pierre
Rehearsal Dinner | Southernmost on the Beach
Entertainment | Rusty Lemmon and Chad Burtch
Desserts | Cakes by Karol

 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0000collage_zps9e39588e.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0045_zps717a5742.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0010_zps9bf7387a.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0017_zps87b296ab.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0044_zpsf8e0ca7c.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0088_zps00b51720.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0095_zps0cf40363.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0107_zps973c6718.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0134_zps3044ae3e.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0454_zpsa16e3617.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0138_zps99b92a84.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0148_zps4a8cbc00.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0165_zpse84fbb21.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0162_zpsc9235fbc.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0189_zpsdeb5fadf.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0191_zps457976b3.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0195_zps5ec4441e.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0025_zps3f8a1d0d.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0036_zpse6a73340.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0072_zps40f1a954.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0084_zps5bc43b61.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0092_zpsec9d1848.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0109_zps72b8db1d.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0137_zpse56ed120.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0122_zps7025be38.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0111_zpsa527e39b.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0152_zpseb222139.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0054_zpsb1cf79bd.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0236_zps16af63bb.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0239_zpsac10a663.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0242_zpsa3004c53.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0241_zps8000c00b.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0312_zpsf28a625e.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0330_zps584d970b.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0406_zps888a0861.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0413_zps41853978.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0420_zpsc330a204.jpg

 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0418_zps684fe121.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0427_zps56937a63.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0423_zps5aa6f54b.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0431_zps6d619749.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0435_zps1f802443.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0438_zpse73350b7.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0440_zps2aca78de.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0446_zps2a156930.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0459_zpsc9abf59a.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0468_zpsd849369a.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0660_zps60d25e50.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0478_zpscd35a831.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0510_zpsf0a346a1.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0562_zps27590f9f.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0674_zpsd83f062a.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0705_zpsea7210bc.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0664_zps9c70cf2e.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0698_zps190f1d90.jpg
 photo 71214CourtneyKipRZ_0716_zps88e391dd.jpg

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