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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jackie and Matt are Featured in the Limelight | Sirata Beach Resort | Saint Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

What a beautiful day for this fun-loving couple! Jackie and Matt who have been dating for about 6 years living in Illinois, decided to say 'I do' in Florida! I had the pleasure of meeting them and working with them on one of the most important days of their lives together. When we arrived I felt so comfortable with the family that I jokingly asked if I could call Jackie's parents mom and dad (something that I don't do often) to the response of 'of course, please do!!' and Jackie's grandmother at one point let me know she was going to have me as her photographer when she got married, I would love that! I could tell from such a kind and fun family that Jackie and Matt were going to be the same, and they were! They made sure throughout the day, that everyone was enjoying themselves and comfortable. Really wanting to enjoy their time with their closest loved ones that traveled down to witness this beautiful union!  It was a beautiful day all around and I am thrilled that I had an opportunity to be a part of this marriage.  Best wishes to you two as you continue your future together! Here are a few from that day!

 photo 62014JackieandMattKingStoryboard.jpg  photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO016.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO059.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO098.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO083.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO162.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO173.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO147.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO028-1.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO101.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO280-1.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO276.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO290-1.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO323.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO322.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO327.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO314.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO390.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO415.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO535.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO560.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO709.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO714-1.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO794.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO922.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO919.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO597.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO613.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO606.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO821.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO895.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO572.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO849.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO887.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO856.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO845.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO882.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO839.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO869.jpg
 photo 62014JackieandMattKingJO913.jpg

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