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Friday, August 8, 2014

Danielle and Ray Featured in the Limelight | Casa Marina Resort | Key West, FL Wedding Photography

Danielle and Ray met at Honolua Bay in Maui 6 years ago through Danielle's roommate. They were friends for a year before they started dating, although Danielle's roommate was convinced even before they started dating they would be married one day! Ray proposed on Christmas Eve in 2012. They had a dinner party and gift exchange with some friends. Danielle's gift to Ray was a painting of a cat dressed as a pirate. Ray's gift was a diamond and a proposal - of course she said yes! :)

Danielle and Ray laugh a lot and have fun together. They both enjoy being outside, and keeping active. Ray helps Danielle to relax and she pushes him to challenge himself. They balance each other perfectly. They enjoy dining out, walks on the beach, surfing, traveling, hiking, roller coasters, going to the races and Vegas!

Their wanted an island beach feel for their wedding, without all the seashells and starfish decor. When they saw Casa Marina's ballroom, they saw a perfect blend of the island life and elegance they were looking for! Their vintage beach wedding was softly romantic. Their wedding was elegant, but still with a laid back, effortless feel, not too fussy. It reflects the kind of life they want to build together.

Congratulations Danielle and Ray!

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Renz Rags 
Caterer ~ Casa Marina 
Ceremony Site ~ Casa Marina 
Event Planner ~ Simply You ~ Julie 
Florist ~ Milan Events 
Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Studio Marie Pierre 
Invitations ~ Letterbox Ink 
Reception Venue ~ Casa Marina 
Wedding Gown ~ The White Flower

 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0000collage_zps122d9bed.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0028_zps68f6d2f5.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0039_zpse2817857.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0004_zps73a168af.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0013_zpsa1f64c56.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0027_zps77f363d0.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0044_zps4ce22e5a.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0082_zpsc7899390.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0119_zps645f364d.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0057_zpseaa7c519.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0061_zps1869aacc.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0167_zpsfb1c7089.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0164_zps8bb454e0.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0171_zps5ec6580e.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0100_zps0ef3e79e.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0109_zps58fa5325.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0117_zps3b3fbf0a.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0208_zps9c57af1b.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0203_zpsd2128a56.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0295_zpsa7a97878.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0290_zpscc66d27b.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0189_zps55de6305.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0254_zps796ad614.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0509_zpsd06abf21.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0469_zpsdb62e6e8.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0613_zpsbb9c63a9.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0606_zps17b98844.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0228_zpsc53659fa.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0242_zps3502bebd.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0325_zpsc36af360.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0330_zps126bff6a.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0373_zps197bb560.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0382_zps697ad988.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0401_zps02d5cb5f.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0477_zps1ab9dbd4.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0474_zpsecc951a8.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0621_zps3c70bad6.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0503_zps7b0a4506.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0512_zps57d3e747.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0622_zps5e433334.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0627_zps84bda09c.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0491_zpsda61de4e.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0017_zps83f4f499.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0588_zps9915f3f7.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0535_zpse21e659c.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0539_zpsaf27bc92.jpg
 photo 71914DanielleRayRZ_0943_zps97ac2234.jpg

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