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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Elizabeth and Mark Featured in the Limelight | Grace Lutheran Church and Loew's Don Cesar | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

After planning for several months, Mark suprised Elizabeth with a "birthday" trip to the Virgin Islands (her birthday is in November...she should've known something was up...). After a day of plane and ferry rides, they finally reached St. John island, where they met up with Jessica, a customer service rep for a rental company. She provided them with their rental car and offered to guide them to where they would be staying. On the way up the steep mountains of the island, Jessica (Mark's co-conspirator) pulled off at an overlook, with a wonderful view of Trunk Bay, one of the world's most beautiful beaches. As Elizabeth took the opportunity to take pictures, Mark  was shooing away the donkeys that had congregated around the car (apparently, he did not want donkeys in the proposal pictures). Moments later, Mark proposed to Elizabeth with the gorgeous sunset in the background, and she cried like a little child (see picture above), simultaneously saying "yes" over and over again. Jessica, who had stayed in her car until that point, brought out chilled champagne for the newly engaged couple, and they spent the rest of the weekend in an amazing, private villa on the side of the mountain. 

Elizabeth and Mark originally met in the 9th grade while attending the same high school. They really love each others' sense of humor:) They enjoy going to the gym together, watching movies and going out. Their wedding was inspired by their love for the beach.

The day began with a traditional ceremony at Grace Lutheran Church. Guests enjoyed music, hor' dourves and drinks from the open bar while they awaited the Bridal Party's arrival at The Don CeSar. Dinner was elegant yet fun and was served using live action stations and was followed by live music and dancing. The evening ended with an exciting sparkler exit! 

Bridesmaids Dresses | Aventura Bridal 
Cake | Don Cesar
Caterer | Don Cesar 
Ceremony Site | Grace Lutheran Church
Event Planner | Beth Clark 
Florist | Carter's 
Hair and Make-up Artist | Jess Waldrop 
Invitations | Maureen Hall
Reception Venue | The Don CeSar 
Videographer | Infinite Cinema
Wedding Gown | Lily's Bridal 

 photo 8214ElizabethMarkRZ_0000collage_zpscf03fa8f.jpg
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 photo 8214ElizabethMarkRZ_0461_zps21f0bb16.jpg
 photo 8214ElizabethMarkRZ_0478_zps797e3a89.jpg
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