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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fine Art, Fashion & Photography: Three Magical Worlds Collide

The St Petersburg Musem of Fine Art invite me to participate in the second annual Fine Art, Fashion and Photography Showcase. I was thrilled to be invited to have this opportunity as an artist to select a piece of fine art from the Museum's permanent collection and use it as inspiration for my design and photograph.

I selected a painting by Jules Joseph Lefebvre - A Portrait of Julia Foster Ward. This art piece immediately spoke to my heart because the young lady pictured is reminiscent of a bride.

 photo 001_IMG_3873_zps0da7f2bf.jpg

These are the final two images I submitted for showcase.

 photo 002_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0109OLDWORLD_16x24_zps82285a2b.jpg
 photo 003_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0065_zpsebd58452.jpg

I collaborated with a very talented team of artists and professionals. Thank you!

Event Coordination ~ Confetti Events
Event Production ~ Let's Make It Extraordinary
Florist ~ FH Weddings
Hair & Makeup ~ Michele Renee Hair and Makeup Artist Group
Model ~ Heather Davis Brinckerhoff
Venue 1 (Getting Ready) ~ West Caribbean Cuban
Venue 2 (Photoshoot) ~ Circle B Bar Reserve
Videography ~ Randall Productions
Wedding Gown ~ Malindy Elene

These are additional images we created from this inspiration:

 photo 004_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0006_zps312f701a.jpg
 photo 013_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0060_zpseb127c13.jpg
 photo 011_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0046_zpsf3fb3af4.jpg
 photo 021_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0097_zps16da4c54.jpg
 photo 019_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0092_zpsb5269a85.jpg
 photo 020_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0085_zps191dc858.jpg
 photo 022_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0083_zps8cf0ca0f.jpg
 photo 018_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0084_zps567fe059.jpg
 photo 016_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0075_zps965fea1a.jpg
 photo 005_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0011_zpsb43da37a.jpg
 photo 015_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0068_zps92209456.jpg
 photo 014_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0073_zps28c51aa2.jpg
 photo 012_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0058_zps4286605f.jpg
 photo 010_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0047_zps0870d019.jpg
 photo 009_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0040_zpsfb26a211.jpg
 photo 008_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0032_zps03360d83.jpg
 photo 007_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0024_zps3f109e75.jpg
 photo 006_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0109_zps7d531abb.jpg
 photo 017_10113_SPFMA_FINEART_RZ_0081_zps032deeb7.jpg

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